Saphira and the Fates

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The black-and-tan Faery Dog paced impatiently in the hallway in front of the carved double doors. Doors that led to the library that she wasn't allowed to enter. For the best part of two decades the fact that only a MacKeltar could enter the library irritated her without end. Angus Campbell – Eolande MacKeltar's husband – was fine with it. After all, there was a library in the bailey and one of the towers was a reading room.

The only other person who could enter the library beneath the mountain was Kael – Eolande and Angus's son.

The sixteen-year-old was in the library. Saphira growled. She knew that he was taking the time for self-study – to become the best laird he could when his father stepped down. But how was she supposed to protect him when she couldn't even see him?

She made another turn and walked past the double doors. She's used to not know everything – it's been a couple of years since she lost her memories – and she didn't get upset about it anymore. She's accepted that she's lost part of herself. And maybe it was a good thing: Faery Dogs lived very long lives and there was only so much space for memories.

The double doors opened and she looked up. A young man with short black hair walked quietly through the door. It could be his leather boots that made his tread so soft, but Saphira thought that his Fae-blood and lifelong warrior training was the cause. His smile reached his eyes when he saw her.

'So kind of you to wait for me, Saphira. Come, I have to practice weaponry now,' he said, expecting her to follow.

<Whatever you say, Vegetable-head.>

He laughed loudly. 'See, you do love me.'

She wanted to argue, but knew that it was exactly what Kael wanted. She followed him silently through the castle to his room.

Kael's room was much larger than the one that Saphira had slept in on her own for a while. She knew that her bedroom was once shared with Eolande, but she has no memories of it.

Heavy purple curtains hung from somewhere against the roof. They were tied to pillars, but when they hung loose it divided the bedroom from the rest of the room.

A table where Kael could sit and work stood close to the window. A bigger table dominated the room as a dining table. A hearth stood next to the door. Various wood cupboards and chests stood against the stone walls. Above the hearth various shields were attached to the wall.

Saphira waited impatiently while a squire helped Kael to put on his armour. She could've done it instantly with magic. But Kael wanted the squire to learn how to put the armour on in order and to properly fasten it.

Saphira thought the armour was unnecessarily heavy; the helmet, chest plate and gauntlets made moving difficult. But Kael didn't want any magic between himself and his training. He wanted to fight like the warriors he would someday lead.

As a Faery Dog, Saphira thought it was silly that men fought each other with oversized knives – especially when they didn't even know each other.

Kael and his squire left the room and expected Saphira to follow. Kael wore leather pants with his shiny armour. His kilt hung over his shoulders like a cape; fastened with a silver buckle shaped like a Faery Dog's head with amber stones for eyes. Saphira thought it was silly that they had to scare others with a poor imitation of her face.

Human and Fae scattered as they walked down the hallway, down stairs and through the great hall. They usually acted weird when Kael was all dressed up for battle.

They finally got to the exercise yard. No-one else was there yet. Kael had his squire pick up a big wood shield and run around with it while he threw knives, axes and others weapons at it. The squire fell and Kael nearly hit him with an axe.

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