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Y/n's POV

I was in fourth period right now and the only one I have for this class with was Eddie.

"How do you think Derry is so far?" Eddie asks, we were working on a worksheet and me and him were talking.

"It's alright." I reply.

"I never thought a girl like you would want to be a loser like us." Eddie said out of the blue.

"You guys are different, if you guys are apart of the loser squad I want to be in it too." I say, he gives me a smile and I give one back.

The bell rang and everyone shot up from their desks except for me and Eddie. I neatly put my papers away and so does Eddie.

"Your coming with us to the movies, right." Eddie asks done putting his things away, I was to so we walk out of class together.

"Yeah, we're gonna meet each other there right"? I ask.

"Yeah." He answers.

"Ok see you there." I gave him a hug and he hugs back.


"Bye Y/n." and we go to our next class, I don't have non of my friends for the next class but I do have Kevin, uhhhh. He's such a dick.

(After school)

I was home getting ready to go to the movies with the guys. My dad was at work so I had to get done quickly before he gets home.

I showered and for my outfit I put on black ripped jeans, a random white shirt, my yellow and white Nike windbreaker and my favorite pair of shoes.

You could see my lower stomach but that was fine with me, I wanted to show off my belly button piercing, I didn't get it just so I could be hidden by shirts all the time, that shit hurt

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You could see my lower stomach but that was fine with me, I wanted to show off my belly button piercing, I didn't get it just so I could be hidden by shirts all the time, that shit hurt.

I put my phone to charge, I didn't even use it today at all so it shouldn't be at a low percentage.

I did my usual light makeup, a bit of foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and clear lipgloss.

For some reason I wanted to look good.

You never know when a cute guy is just going to pop out.

Who are you kidding Y/n admit you like Bill and you just want to impress him.

Oh shut up.

Arguing with my own conscience now are we.

Moving on my brunette hair was already straight so I just brushed it and let it down.

I went into my closet and got my bag, looked in it and got my twenty dollar bill and uh ten.

Don't want to waist too much, I put them in the back of my phone inside my case since I wasn't going to carry my bag.

Phew that was a lot, what am I missing.....oh how could I forget deodorant.

I got my deodorant and put some in as well as perfume, I got some lotion and put some on my arms.

Ok good I got my phone but it on my back pocket and went downstairs.

"Awww my little baby, I know I haven't been hanging out with you much but I've been hanging out with the boys, I'll make it up for you, I promise." I cooed at Scooby, While he whined, telling me to sit my ass home to be with him.

I feel bad that I haven't been with him for so long, I don't have another dog so he's alone most of the time.

I don't even want to think about it, it makes me sad. I give him his food and water but today since I fell bad I gave him a treat.

I close up the place and start walking to the movies. As I walk to the movies I walked past the woods.

It looks creepy and dark, I start walking faster once I saw a glimpse of a red balloon.

Wtf was a red balloon doing randomly floating in the woods.

Not wanting to waist more time I jog to the movies where is see the guys already waiting in front of the theater.

"What were you doing that took you so long?" Stan asked.

"I was getting ready." I simply answered and went into the theater to buy my snacks.

Everyone bought their things, Richie getting a lot of candy and an icee.

Bill popcorn and starburst.

Stan an icee and popcorn.

Eddie popcorn and sour airhead strips.

And me a pick lemonade, sour patch kids and popcorn.

We went into the right room for the movie and sat on the seats in the middle, the movie we were watching was Annabelle.

The movie was pretty scary after we just went home because we were tired. On my way back the same red balloon was in the same spot in the woods.

What the hell.

For some reason I felt the need to go after it, not even knowing my legs were already walking towards it.

I had a feeling I should just turn around and got home but I kept moving towards it. I reached the balloon and I looked at it. Huh it very lightly said "I ❤️ Derry."

Few seconds later it popped, out of no where. I looked straight ahead and saw Pennywise.

Oh no, he just stood there looking at my with no emotion.

Blank face.

As if this night couldn't get any creepier.

I stayed there because I was too scared to move, I don't want to trigger him. He slowly took a step to me and I took one back.

In one swift move he came at me very fast it didn't give me time to get out the way. He held me by my neck a little off the ground.

I couldn't breathe so I kept trying to wiggle out of his grip. He laughed at me as he saw me struggling.

"Oh kitten when are you going to learn."



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