chapter 4

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Harry smelled like lavender, refreshing and sweet. It always calmed Louis down, that was the effect he had on Louis. Since the day they met, he always managed to make Louis feel something, maybe it was his deep yet soothing voice or his friendly eyes. Louis always knew the boy with roses in his hair had rainbows in his mind. 

Harry was the first one to pull away from the embrace to look at Louis. But his smile soon fell as he noticed a fresh, yellow bruise on Louis' neck, trailing up till the corner of his mouth.

He rubbed over it slightly, careful not to hurt the smaller boy. Louis lowered his eyes, not wanting to meet his gaze, Harry might be a flower crown-wearing princess but if it involved Louis getting hurt then no one was as scary as Harry. 

"Who did this Lou?" Harry growled out, quite literally. He used his other hand to bring Louis' chin up, so their eyes could meet; while the other one traced the marks.

"Who was it?" Harry asked softer this time, he could already hear Louis whimpering softly. He didn't want to scare Louis.

"It's not that big of a deal, Harry."

"Louis-baby, please, tell me?"

Louis could tell Harry the truth but then Harry might do something drastic and then his father might do something drastic, and the endless possibilities scared Louis. 

"It's embarrassing. I came home and was taking a shower in the bathtub while singing to Hannah Montana and I-umm- I slipped."

Harry looked at him skeptically but just forced a smile. He knew whatever had happened, Louis wasn't keen on sharing it. So Harry didn't push it further but if he heard some rumor on Monday that Louis had got into a fight then he was sure he would punch everyone in the throat. So for now, Hary hugged Louis tightly. 

"Gosh, you doof! Take care baby, I don't want you fracturing your skull next time." Harry let out a small laugh. Louis wrapped his arms around Harry too. Trying to lift him up. After a few failed attempts, Louis managed to pick Harry up a few inches of the ground before immediately needing to put him back, before he broke his back.

"I did it! I can carry!" Louis squealed happily, partially because it was a big achievement because of the size difference and partially because he wouldn't need to answer any more questions about the bruise. He just hoped his father wouldn't hit him next time. 

Harry chuckled at the boy's fondness before lifting Louis with ease. He liked working out as much as he liked flowers in his hair and make-up on his face.

He closed the previously open door behind them with his heel. This part of the neighborhood was pretty dark so no one would be able to make out their faces. Harry placed a soft kiss on Louis' lips. Louis pressed back, the kiss remained soft and sweet.  It was tender and filled with love, just the kind needed for comfort.

Harry carried Louis to his room, opening the door with much difficulty and softly dropping him on the bed. Harry smiled as Louis spread out as a starfish, smiling lazily at Harry. The wrinkles by his eyes and his slightly crooked teeth on display made Harry love him even more. Louis wasn't perfect, he wasn't flawless but Harry loved him no less. To Harry, his flaws made him beautiful. They made him human.

Harry sat down next Louis, his dimples showing. He traced the rope tattoo on Louis' hand, looking into Louis' droopy eyes. He loved Louis' eyes (like everything else which was a part of Louis' body). 

"Why are you staring at me creep?" Louis giggled out softly. Harry blinked his eyes before leaning forward and whispering in his ears, "because you are too beautiful to stop admiring."

"People at school don't agree." Louis' voice was lowered to a whisper, his insecurities kicking in.  Harry hated it when Louis thought he wasn't good enough because to him Louis was the whole universe and how could someone not love the stars.

"Well, people at school are blind and dumb and idiotic and stupid and-"

"Ok, jeez, Harry. I get your point."

"Well, I'm glad you do because I could go on forever."

Before Louis could say something, a jingling of keys rang through the house. Louis' father was home. Anxiety kicked into Louis' veins as he quickly got up and looked for ways for Harry to escape the room. The closet wasn't very big and Harry would suffocate. He would be easily seen from under the bed. The only exit was the window. It didn't come across his mind that he had an en-suite toilet where Harry could easily hide.

"Harry, quick, you need to leave or my dad will kill both of us!" Louis let out a hurried whisper as he grabbed his wrist and lead him towards the window. Harry only glanced outside once before pressing a chaste kiss to Louis' lips and jumping.

Harry landed with a grunt, the distance to the ground wasn't very much but it still hurt. Especially since the ground was covered with thorn bushes, which Louis had completely forgotten about. He swore at his stupidity, Harry was now hurt because of him and it was all his fault.

Harry got up slowly and gave Louis a flying kiss before rushing off, his way of telling Louis he was fine. Just as the main entrance door opened, Louis plopped down on his bed, hoping Harry wasn't hurt too much. He would have to text him later. 


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