Part 4

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Jazmine arrived in DC with Terrance. When they pulled up to his crib, It was incredible! His house looked like a small mansion. Jaz asked "This your crib, like, yours"?! Terrance replied "All mines". They both got out of the car and went to the door. When Terrance opened the door, Jazmine was amazed! Everything was modern and custom, and the furniture looked beautiful. Jazmine has owned a nice home before, but it was nothing like this. Terrance asked "Do you like the place". Jaz replied "Its nice". He replied good. He directed Jaz to his huge living room while he walked off to the kitchen to make them some cocktails. Jazmine got up and looked around in proximity of the living room. When she turned around, Terrance was right there with the cocktails. Jazmine jumped. She said "I was just looking around". Terrance replied "You shouldnt just roam through peoples houses". Jaz said "Sorry, I never been in such a beautiful house before. They sat down and started talking.

Jaz: What do you do, you know to have nice everything?

Terrance: My Father was a very famous, well known actor. He Died last year from heart failure and I inherited all of his luxuary, and money. He owned 15 very expensive cars, 3 properties, a large wardrobe, tons of jewlrey, and he was rich. I sold everything, and downgraded to this so I will never have to work.

Jaz: *Sighs* Im sorry about your father.

Terrance: Dont be. My father used to beat my Mom all the time. He tortured her and made me watch. My Mother died because he pushed her out of a window after beating and raping her. He told me not to say anything or he would kill me too. I hated him every since. I waited for so long for him to die so I could get his money. I miss my Mom so much, but now I never have to worry.

Jaz: *Speechless* Wow. Im sorry. Maybe I should go.

Terrance: Jazmine I love you so fucking much and I wanna make love to you right here right now.

Jaz: Terrance you are sweet and all but we are moving way too fast. We met at my show, all of a sudden we in a hotel fucking, and now this. T I love you, but we need to slow dooown!

Terrance: Get Out. NOW! GET OUT! *Throws cocktail*

Jaz: WTF Is Your Problem? All Because I Didnt Give Up The Pussy? You know what, Fine. DONT EVER CALL ME AGAIN! *Leaves with cocktail*.

Jazmine called her friend Tyron to pick her up down the street from Terrance house. Jaz only brought $35 dollars with her because Terrance showed up unexpectedly. Tyron really didnt want to pick Jaz up but he had too. Jazmine roamed through the streets of DC until she saw Tyrons car. She waved her hands in the air to signal him. Tyron recognized her and pulled up beside her. Jaz got in and Ron said "Why the hell am I picking you up in DC"? Jaz explained everything except the part where Terrance kicked her out. Jaz still had feelings for Terrance so she didnt want to tell Ron about what happened. Ron drove all the way to Jazmines house and dropped her off. He said "If you need anything, call me". Jazmine smiled and said thanks. She went in the house.

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