ALMOST Finding Out

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Catherine's POV
Austin told me that we, as in just me and him, is going to go do something. I don't really know why we can't bring the kids, but I guess that he has a reason for that.

Austin's POV
I have no idea if she knows yet. I hope it hasn't been spoiled. I also hope she doesn't say no, or that would be awkward and it would break my heart. Love my Queen 💍👑❤️

Hydra's POV
I am so excited! To be honest, I am a little bit scared of heights...soooo that is kind of why I said that I didn't want to sky dive. But I didn't want to tell Austin that. Anyways, I packed some of my stuff in a miniature backpack that I got, then I headed to the car where Grandpa and Elle were.

  I then got into the car, and we drove to the skydiving place.

  It looked very professional. I was pretty much scared for my life the whole time I was there. I kept thinking that this is a plan to get me onto an airplane and make me skydive.

  After all, I don't really know if they know that I am afraid of heights. But I have never told I guess not.

  Just then, I saw Austin and Catherine. Catherine was wearing a blindfold. Grandpa told me to duck behind this little fence with him, so I did. Other family members and I think a carriage arrived.



  It looked beautiful! It was white, and the horses were white too. I thought maybe I saw some flowers or roses. But it was far away so I was not sure.

  After a while, I saw Austin and Catherine entering the plane with some other people. This was happening far away, so I couldn't see much. But then I saw the plane take off.

  We had to walk a while to get to the spot that Austin and Catherine and the other people were going to land.

While we waited, I was still convinced that this was a plan to make me get over my fear of heights.

  But as the plane (or jet) took off, I kind of felt relieved. But I still was cautious.

A few moments later...

Austin and Catherine is starting to land! We had to get into position! So, I stood with Elle and Grandpa and waited. Grandpa was holding Elle.

  Austin came down first. He grabbed the ring box, waited for Catherine to land.

  Then he got down onto his knees....

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