Family Arrivals. Part 31

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20th October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

According to the doctors, I have a little over two weeks to go before I am suppose to be having this baby. I can vaguely remember how I felt many years ago while I was having Ollie. I wanted her out if I remember rightly by this time and I reckon I actually did feel that way because I damn well feel fed up with this pregnancy every hour on the hour now.

I was tired all the time. I was peeing every five minutes. Or it felt like I was peeing every five minutes. I couldn't do my shoes up and had to get slide ons. And with my feet swollen as they were at the moment, even the slide ons were hard to deal with. My back ached. My head ached. I was hot and I was always sweaty.

It was so hard for me to get around now. I always have to ask for help getting up and down now and it's bloody ridiculous is what it is. I don't know how women did this being pregnant like this in the pioneering days. But they were tough old birds I suppose.

At the moment we were all getting settled into the family homestead out on Tarins Run for the wedding to be held here in a couple of days.

Jarryd and Rem will be arriving tomorrow afternoon and will be staying at Uncle Caive's house with his family and a few others who were staying with them. Gavin too was staying out there. This house was full of too many old people he was heard to say to Poppa so he grabbed a swag and took himself off. Gamma just laughed at him.

I was staying out in the guest room that had been built onto the back of the house decades ago when Gamma first came to live here. It had been renovated again since then. But the furniture was still the same. It was the carpets, curtains and furnishings along with the paint job that had been changed. But only slightly.

Ollie was also staying in the room with me. She had just hung up the gown she had chosen to wear on the day right beside the gown I had chosen to wear as well in it's protective covering. I was very particular with what I was going to wear since there was a large problem that hindered me wearing what everyone else was going to wear. Namely, a large baby bump. One that was larger than when it was when I had that chat with Rem as we sat beside the river a few weeks ago.

I drove up with Gavin who had finally gotten his licence a couple of years ago. He drove my Forby since my stomach was rubbing against the steering wheel while Ollie drove up with Nan who went and got the neighbours again to watch the farm up behind Sofala. Nan was settling in very well. I am so glad that she got on well with Gamma and Poppa. Mum and dad had come up a couple of days ago to help Gamma and Poppa get things ready.

Not that they needed any help. My grandparents were always getting things well in hand for any event that was likely to happen up here on the farm, or station as it is called since it is much bigger than a farm.

Rem said that he will be bringing his grandmother with him and bringing her straight to the house since she was going to be also staying here with us. She was going to actually settle into the other single bed that was in the same room as Nan who also hadn't met Beatrice. They would be arriving late in the afternoon.

None of us were silly enought to drive along the inland highways after dark. The roo's were too big and the damage they can cause to your vehicle was not worth the night time driving. So, they plan to be here before dark and settled in with enough time to help assist with cooking dinner which was a spit in the backyard.

In fact, most of the cooking will be done by the men outside on the barbecues with us ladies managing to cook both the veggies and the salads and side dishes. Gamma looks like she is really enjoying having the whole family back here for the wedding.

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