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Jimin spent his days outside the castle with Jungkook. He loved being surrounded my the strange flowers in the Gods garden.

He even managed to make Jungkook wear a pretty flower crown, he quickly took it off when Yoongi approached them though.

The boy kept his bunny close, and ate to his hearts content everyday.

He also spent his days in the large kitchen with Seokjin, sometimes helping him bake bread and pick fruit.

Today though, Jimin decided he wanted explore the woods. He didn't tell anyone and when he mentioned it to Nari she gave him a disapproving stare. So he decided to just not mention where he was going.

After breakfast, Jimin walked out the chambers, picking his gown up so he wouldn't step on it. He came to an abrupt stop when he bumped into a sturdy chest. With a gasp, Jimin stiffened when Yoongi's arms steadied around him, hands holding his waist tight.

The god looked down at the soft boy with an amused expression.

"You should watch where your going, little one."

Jimin's cheeks pinked as he nervously clutched onto the mans robes. "I-I'm sorry."

"It's quite alright, I don't mind having you this close." The man said with a playful glint in his eyes, lips curved up into a smile. Jimin's heart spiked, blushing furiously he let go of the mans robes and held his hands against his own chest. Yoongi's arms loosened from around his waist until he let go completely.

Jimin looked down to his feet, he could feel the others piercing gaze. He held back the whine trying to push out his mouth. The God cleared his throat and stepped away from the nervous boy.

"Where are you going today?"

Jimin answered shyly,"Just to look around the garden."

He wasn't necessarily lying, the woods were around the garden, but he still felt a lump of guilt. Jimin was a terrible liar, and hated to do so anyways.

The god eyed him,"Alright, wait for Jungkook to come and take you."

Jimin nodded silently,"Okay..."

Yoongi's lips quirked into a one sided smile. He began walking down the hall and turned a corner. Jimin waited until the man was gone and let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. He began walking down a hall and turned to a set of stone stairs, he briefly wondered if he'd be able to find his way out of the castle. Jungkook always took him where he wanted to go, but Jimin was sure he could manage, he wasn't a child.

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