Chapter 1: I Met Mr. Popular

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A/N: Hey guys! This book is in the process of editing, so yes there are mistakes and a few things need to be changed. If you guys want to comment where mistakes are, I'll fix them and it would make it easier to edit. Also, this is the first time I've written a boyxboy book, or a book in general so I apologize if it's not very great. If you guys have any suggestions I will gladly take your advice. Also, this is an original story. Anyway, I'll stop talking now, I hope you enjoy the story!

Evan's POV

School. High school to be exact. The worst place on earth for any human being. I hate it. I don’t mean the kind of hate that people say whenever they hate vegetables. I mean the kind of hate that makes your blood boil at the thought of it. The kind of hate that makes you want to destroy the damn thing.

Yup, that kind of hate.

I dreaded every step forward towards the building filled with hormonal, moody teenagers. Not that I’m not one of them, because I definitely am. In fact, I’m probably moodier than most, but being around so many people that I don’t like irritates me. They’re all loud and annoying or quiet and insecure, or a mix of both. Not that there is really anything wrong with that, I just don’t like people in general. I guess everyone at one point or another goes through that phase, though.

A scowl found its way to my face whenever my eyes caught a glimpse of the school in front of me. I always look angry, maybe because I am most of the time that I’m here. Maybe that’s part of the reason no one ever approaches me, but then again, I’m glad no one approaches me. I don’t want to immerse in a useless, awkward conversation. I don’t care to talk to people, nor do I want to unless it’s necessary.

I much prefer to keep to myself the next two years and few months that I have left here at this school. I’ve kept to myself my entire Freshman year and this is my second year, I think I can last until I’m out of here. I guess most people would consider me to be a jerk, and they’re probably right. But I won’t be seeing these people in a few years so I really don’t care.

I step into the overly-crowded school and my nostrils were invaded by the heavy amount of perfume and cologne people wear. It’s awful. I mean, I can understand just a spray or two. But the amount people wear here is over excessive and is probably just as bad as if they didn't shower. Though, I guess that isn't really important.

Making my way to my locker, I spotted a group of people standing around, blocking my locker. Great... I thought as I reached them and shot each of them a glare. "Move. That's my locker." I demanded in a monotone voice, not dropping my cold stare.

They all moved away from my locker, mumbling a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t hear. Not that I really cared. At least they're away from my locker. I put in the combination and placed my bag inside, grabbing a set of books for my first few classes and walked away after shutting it.

First and second period were extremely boring, as usual. So instead of listening I just zoned out into my own train of thought without anyone bothering me. Third period though, I was not as lucky.

"Mr. Beck!" The teacher roared after trying to get my attention for the fourth time. I turned my head towards her, leaving my head rested on my hand.

"Yes, Mrs. Willow?" I asked in a not-so-apologetic tone. It's not like I really care if she gets mad at me for ignoring her.

"Do you really think you're so above everyone else that you don't have to pay attention like they do?" She asked me, looking very irritated. I just looked at her and blinked after a moment. Why does everyone think that I think that? I thought. I'm probably worse than everyone else and I know that.

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