Panic of the Corn

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"Bro this is gonna be legit!" I cringed a bit as Tristan ran ahead of me to our group of friends and chest-bumped some of the other guys. I stepped closer to some of the girls but still felt awkward since they were all staring at their phones and gossiping about random photos they were seeing on Instagram.

"Hey guys! What's up?" I asked hesitantly.

"Nothin'," Blaire mumbled, not looking up from her phone.

Okay... I looked down at my feet and twiddled my fingers feeling horribly awkward.

"Hey Hottie are we going in or what?" My thoughts were interrupted by Tristan calling me over. When we first started dating I loved hearing him call me that but after being with him for a couple months, I feel like that's all Tristan sees me as. I'm more than just arm candy and I want to be treated like someone worthwhile but I never had the courage to outright tell him I wanted to talk. Maybe it was because the one time I did try asking Tristan if we could just talk he laughed and made some comment about me not being able to keep up with all his sports lingo.

Once I reached his side we began to walk into the haunted corn maze. My fear of getting lost came to the front of my mind and I shivered as we took our first step in.

"Tristan, you're not gonna leave me behind are you?" I asked looking up at him and reaching for the sleeve of his letterman jacket.

"Aw! Is the wittle girl scared of a wittle corn?" Tristan and some others in the group laughed and I decided to just stay quiet in hopes this whole thing would be over sooner rather than later.

We had made it through a good portion of the corn maze having only encountered some random zombie or ghoul actors popping out of the nearby cornstalks to spook us and I of course flinched every time but wasn't too nervous. As we walked along I heard Blaire talking and turned around to see her face illuminated by the glow of her screen.

Maybe she's dating her phone instead of Ryan now.

"Did you guys know that there was a haunted corn maze a few years ago in Chicago that this kid playing the chainsaw guy actually went psycho and started killing some people in the maze? It took hours for the cops to actually find him."

Everyone had stopped and turned to stare at her in horror. We all knew there was someone in this maze with a chainsaw. We had heard it a couple times in the distance.

"What the heck Blaire that's messed up why would you say that right now?" Rashelle spoke in a snotty tone. I don't agree with these girls on many subjects but I was definitely on the same page as Rashelle.

"Whatever I could take him," Tristan boasted, walking ahead of the group a few feet and kissing his biceps dramatically. Right as we all rounded the next corner we heard the chainsaw start and fear enveloped my whole body as the loud machinery got closer with a man in a hockey mask holding it above his head, rocketing towards us.

"Run!" Ryan yelled as we all turned and ran. Tristan had been in front of me but nearly knocked my shoulder out of place as he bolted past me, screaming like a child. As I️ followed everyone around the next corner I️ ducked between the stalks of corn, holding my breath as the man with the chainsaw ran past my hiding spot, still chasing everyone else.

I️ thought back to when we began running and vividly remember the other guys taking their dates' hands in their own as they ran, as Tristan didn't even glance at me as he ran past.

I️ took a seat on the dusty dirt ground, making sure I️ was well concealed by the corn stalks before placing my forehead on my knees. Why am I️ still with him?

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