Chapter 5 - Too Far to Soon

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Chapter 5 – Too Far to Soon  

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Chapter 5 – Too Far to Soon  

I woke up to Louis still next to me already awake, "good morning," he says in a husky voice. I smiled as I kissed him lightly, "good morning," I say. Louis smiled, "did you have a good sleep?" he asked me. I nodded my head yes, "good," he says before kissing me. We heard noises come from the kitchen which made us pull away. I turn around to see Perrie and Zayn still sleeping in each other's arms. Then my eyes landed on Niall who was spread out on the sofa bed just in his boxers. I quickly turn back to Louis, "it just probably Liam in the kitchen," I tell him. Louis looks over my shoulder and starts laughing, "I wondered why you turned back so quick," he smiled. I kissed him before I got up, "where are you going?" Louis asked me as he wrapped his arm around my waist. I leaned down and kissed him again, "to get a cup of tea and to get away from you, before Harry wakes up," I replied. Louis kissed me, "where is my cup of tea?" he questioned. I smiled at him, "I'll make you one," I tell him.

I managed to get out of his grip and walk to the kitchen. Liam was standing next to the fridge in his boxers, "morning," he says. I walk over to the kettle, so I didn't have to look at Liam, "morning. Do you want a cup of tea?" I asked him.

"That be great and I have three sugars," he tells me. I fill up the kettle and turn it on, "should I make the others one?" I asked him. He smiled at me, "yes you should," we heard Zayn yell. I start to laugh as Liam helped me, "what do you want for breakfast?" Liam asked me. He puts all kinds of boxes of cereal on the bench with some bowls. I pick up the fruit loops and pour them into a bowl, "morning," Niall mumbled. I smiled at him, "morning,' I say. Niall walks over to the boxes of cereal, "morning guys," Louis smiled as he stood in the doorway. Liam smiled at him, "did you have a good sleep Louis? Because when I got up you had a smile on your face," Liam asked him.

"I slept great and why wouldn't I have a smile on my face? We are going fishing today," Louis beamed. Liam and Niall shake their heads, "so it not because you had this beautiful girl next to you?" Niall questioned as he wrapped his arm around me. I smiled as I wrapped my arm around him, "maybe Lilly should be with me. I tell her every morning that she the reason that I smile in my sleep," Niall added. I blushed, "no Lilly wants me," Liam says as he pulls me to him. I quickly get out of his grip, "the first one to catch me can have me for the weekend," I challenged them. All three of them gave me a smirk, "better start running then sweetie," Liam tells me.

I dashed out of the kitchen to the lounge room, "morning," I say quickly to Perrie and Zayn as I headed for the front door. I opened it and ran outside as I saw the boys coming for me. I hid behind the cars as they came outside, "Lilly!" Niall shouted. I saw Louis look at me, "she went that way," he lied to Liam and Niall as he pointed in the opposite direction. They start running in that direction as Louis came towards me, "found you," he smiled. I ran passed him back into the cabin, "I'm not going to make it easy for you," I tell him. I heard Louis laughing as I saw Harry, "morning," I say as I hugged him quickly.

"What is going on?" he asked. He noticed Louis in the door way, "Harry don't count," he says as he ran after me. I ran upstairs, but I tripped on the last step at the top. Louis catches me before I hit the floor, "I got you," he tells me as he pulled my back to him. He wrapped his arms around me, "so your mine for the weekend. What shall I do with you?" he smiled. I played with his fingers, "anything you want," I tell him. I felt Louis smile get bigger, "can you two please explain what is going on?" Harry yelled up the stairs. I started walking down the stairs as Liam and Niall came running in, "got you," Niall says as he grabbed me.

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