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I woke up to the sound of my alarm.


I pressed snooze for an extra 5 Minutes and turned to my side when I bumped into somebody. When I tell you my eyes opened so quick and wide.

"KD WHAT THE FUCK" I yelled jumping out of my bed.

"Morning" he yawned and stretched

"KD you got 3 seconds to get out of my bed or I'm swinging" I said as I started counting.

"But NeeNee it's so fluffayy" he groaned mocking that girl from dispicable me.

I grabbed a pillow and started hitting him on the head over and over.

"Ah,Ow okay" he got up and walked out of my room.

I shook my head flopping down on my bed as soon as I did that my alarm went off again.

I snatched my phone off the charger and turned it off stomping to the bathroom.

I started to brush my teeth. I put my rag under the steaming hot water so I could wash my face.

After all of that I hopped in the shower for a good 20 Minutes since it was already 6:10 and I had to be at school by 7:20.

I walked out of my bathroom with my towel wrapped around me, I started to dig through my drawer so I could find me something to wear.

Oh, my other cousins didn't end up coming so It was just me and Esha she talked my auntie into letting her stay for this one year and if she did good she could stay so yall know it's finna be RETARRRDEDD.

I was finished putting on my outfit so I walked out of my room to see kd sitting at the counter watching fanboy and chumchum while eating MY fruity pebbles.

"KD MAN!" I yelled at him as he jumped.

"What I do" he stared at me.

"EATING MY STUFF DANG!!" I rolled my eyes and mushed his head.

"I'm tired of you bullying me" He sniffled.

I side eyed him while taking waffles out of the freezer and putting them into the toaster.

I walked to the back room and I opened the door seeing Boomer sleep in the bed while Esha was fixing her hair.

"Yooo" I threw the peace sign up.

"Yeooo" Esha nodded her head.

"Mmm I See yall slept together" i scrunched my lips together.

"He Just Came In here this morning" she rolled her eyes.

"Mmmmmmmhmm" I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. I smelled something burning and I ran out of the room as saw the toaster smoking.

"KD  YOU JUST LET MY STUFF BURN!" I yelled at him.

"Sorry" he looked back at me with a mouth full of cereal.

I pulled the burnt toast out and threw it away.Im not even hungry no more.


"KD you can never take a decent picture!" I yelled at him.

"But NeeNee I like this pose" he put his fingers to his head and I snapped the picture.

"But NeeNee I like this pose" he put his fingers to his head and I snapped the picture

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