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Craig's tail looks like the same one in the video above, I'm describing him the same as the merman in the video so yeah!

Mini's pov

I knew I shouldn't be by the surface, but the humans were interesting.

They survived on land and 'walked' around on 'feet'. I think that's what it was called.

My mom always got mad. Saying I was the prince and just 12, that I shouldn't be alone or anywhere near the surface. That I was to small and needed my brothers to protect me. It was infuriating sometimes but I couldn't help it.

The Dolphins and I were playing. It was fun, scaring around the small schools of fish I will one day come to rule.

My other friends were out in the city, to scared to come out this close to the humans.

The city was further out and deeper than where I was at the moment, hidden from prying eyes.

Our senses are better than humans. We're able to use echolocation to help us find our way underwater.

I had my head above the water, looking up at the sky.

The humans were so Lucy sometimes. They got to watch the sky's dance and move.

That's when I heard someone coming. I was going to go under the water but I stopped.

Maybe I could watch  them from here...

I slowly peeked my head around the rocks and say a human boy. He had a boat and hand flippers attached to a pole.

I tilted my head and he pushed the boat into the water before getting in and swimming towards me, well not exactly me but out to the ocean.

I sunk down in the water a bit when he looked at the rocks. He didn't seem to see me.

I notice the Dolphins swim away a bit before going to him. One surfaced and put her head on the side of the boat.

The boy laughed. I tilted my head. He had light brown hair and blue eyes.

"Hey there, nice to see you all again! Where's little mystery?" He asks.

'Little mystery?' Who could that be?

He continues petting the Dolphins and I gather a bit of courage and dive under swimming over a bit. 

I'm underneath his boat looking at it. It has no spinner to move him. I guess that's what the fin-poles are for.

I hear the boy chuckle when the fin on to top of my tail gently rubs against the boat.

"Hello little mystery." I hear him say and his hand goes into the water. I hold back a scream. He wasn't trying anything and I was perfectly hidden under the small boat.

Curse and thank you small size.

"Nervous little fella ain't ya?" He says and I start clicking, using dolphin speak. The others start getting excited.

I heard calling from behind and swam further below the boat as It was turned and the boy swam away.

I frowned a bit before hearing another call. I turn around to see Jon calling me over.

What does he want?

I groan and swim towards him. He was born with the normal fish tail, meaning he wasn't meant to rule out kingdom.

"Hey little brother." He jokes and I roll my eyes.

"I'm OLDER THAN YOU!" I scream.

"Yet who's bigger?" He argues before chuckling.

"Whatever." I grumble before crossing my arms.

"You know your not supposed to be by the surface. That was a human in that boat!" He says, shouting the ending.

"He thought I was a dolphin...." I reply and groan again when Luke swims over.

"Finally you found him." He says, sending me a small glare that I roll my eyes at.

Out of my two brothers Jon was nicest. He actually talked with me instead of trying to boss me around like Luke.

I still loved them  but sometimes I really just wanna feed them to the Sharks.

Jon hasn't found his mate yet but Luke has.  He's dating a friend of mine, Marcel.

Jons tail was a light white with delicate  Patterns near the end where the tail became softly.

Luke's was a deep red and was stronger, he's used it as a battering ram against a shake once.

We all swim back to the city, me behind the bigger two.

I was born first, which surprised our medic. I was so small and they though I was going to die.

When I was born with my tail they all went crazy.

I'm easily the disappointment of the crown. My mother thought it would've been Luke born with the sign of ruling, he was the strongest, biggest and best when it came to leadership.

They were wrong though.

We swim into the castle grounds where I'm attacked  by my friends, all speeding at me to hug me.

"Oof."  I what I say when Lui hits me in the stomach to hug me.

There was Lui, Brian, Marcel who was being hugged by Luke, Evan and David. Of course they were all bigger than me.

When they pulled away I notice Jon was looking at Evan.  Evan hadn't noticed until I nudged him In my brothers direction.

I watched as they talked, Jon was a bit smaller than Evan but still bigger than me, and there faces became red as a flash of purple streaked across there eyes. They matched and I smiled softly.

I turned to the rest of my friends, disclosing the two hugged by my brothers, and asked them inside.

We all swam inside the castle, me behind them all because i wasn't the fastest swimmer due to my smaller size.

Tylers pov.

I was looking at the bottom of my canoe when little mystery rubbed up against it.

I've come out into the water many times and it's always been the same pod of dolphins.

I called it little mystery because he never came out of the water, I only ever got glimpses of his small tail.

After sometime I heard my mom call me to come home, which I reluctantly did. I turned my canoe around and paddled home.

I brought my canoe back up to my house, throwing it and the paddle into my garage before going upstairs.

The house had three levels. The basement the first floor where the living room, dinning room and kitchen were and the second floor where the rooms were.

I don't say anything to my parents and race up to my room, ignoring my little brother Brock. He was a year younger and loved the ocean almost as much as me. Almost being the key word.

I get into my room and start drawing the Dolphins. I was doing well until Brock came in.

"Dinner!" He yells making  me fall out of my seat.

"YOU LITTLE!" I get to my feet and chase him down the stairs into the kitchen. "Tyler stop chasing your brother!" My mom yells at me and I stop, glaring at him as he laughs.

We sit down and start eating the dinner which was potatoes, chicken and rice. I look out the window at the ocean, a small smile on my face.

I'll be back tomorrow.

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