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Y/n's POV

It was the next day, I woke up and took a small warm shower.

I dressed in my Adidas pants with my Adidas black and white shoes.

I put on my Calvin Klein sports bra, and over my black Adidas cropped sweatshirt. I love sports clothes, even though in not really good at sports.

I grab all my stuff and walk downstairs. I brush through my hair leaving it down, since it's straight.

"Hey honey want me to take you to school?" I hear my dad ask from the kitchen while I feed my dog and baby him.

He's my little baby boy, he was supposed to be a guard dog and my dad warned me about babying him, but it was too late.

"Sure dad." I walk to the kitchen and grabbed an apple to eat, I wasn't hungry.

Me and my dad walk to the car and he drives off.

"Have an friends yet?" Asked.

"Yeah." I simply replied looking out the window. I yawn and stretch my arms. My dad looks my way and sees my belly button piercing, he knows I got one.

"Are you wearing a shirt under." He said sternly.

"Yeah." I lied, we were at school now and I saw the guys, Bill noticed me and waved over to me, then all the guys did and waved as well.

My dad saw and then looked at me.

"There all guys." He said looking back at of the boys.

"Yeah." I respond softly.

"Tell me your still my little girl." My dad gripped my arm before I could get out the car.

"Yes Daddy." I reply, he let go and I quickly get out putting my small backpack over my shoulder and closed the car door.

I walked over to the losers and get my phone from my pocket.

"Hey Y/n." Eddie was the first to say and rush towards me, he tackled me with a tight hug and I giggled he's so cute.

I hug back and then the rest. I look over to see my dad still there looking us, I quickly looked away like I didn't notice and we all made our way inside the school.

As we walked inside everyone was looking at us but it was like they were mostly staring at me, what's going on.

"Why is everyone staring at us, most importantly what is everyone staring at Y/n." Eddie said low enough for only us to hear.

"She's the new girl, and she's very beautiful and looks like the rich and popular type, there just probably wondering how someone like her ended up with people like us." Stanly said.

"Stan, you know that's not true, why wouldn't I hang out with you boys, you guys are fun to hang out with, funner then anyone else in this school, if I hanged out with anyone else I would hate my life of how bored I would be and I'm not rich." I blush from him calling me beautiful, we continued our conversation as we walked to our lockers.

"So what you guys want to do later?" Richie asked opening his locker, apparently all the guys lockers were next to mine, that's how I ended up having my books knocked out of my hand by Bill.

I'm glad it happened though, or else I still would of been a loner.

Out of nowhere I felt a slap on my ass, the sound was so loud it echoed all through out the hall.

It hurt like a motherfucker.

I mean I have a big ass but what kind of idiot slaps a girls ass without permission.

I turn around and see it was a tall guy with black hair and other guys behind him.

"What the fuck." I say angrily. The guys turned around because of the sound of the slap of my ass.

"Ayyy, little kitty got claws." He teased.

"Don't t-t-t-touch her Kevin." Bill stood up from me. He's so cute I swear my heart can't.

"What are you going to do about it B-B-B-Billy." Kevin stuttered at him teasingly. What a dick. Now everyone around us was staring.

"Look at the new girl, she's bomb, has a big ass, tits, curves, flat stomach and has a belly button piercing, tan skin, soft brown hair, I bet she tastes better then what she looks like." He looks at me up and down with hungry eyes.


"leave her the fuck alone Kevin." Eddie shouted at him angrily.

"What are you going to do." Kevin teased, what a poor idiot.

"I'll beat you up with my cast." Eddie shot back. I let out a giggle as well as some laughter in the crowd that was looking. Eddie smirked at Kevin.

"Well you won't be able to do that because before you do I'm going to take your cast off and brake your arm again." Kevin said harshly.

"And no ones going to stop me." He continued, oh hell no he crossed the line, he messed with my little Eddie.

"Actually I'm going to stop you." I say looking straight into his eyes. A couple people oooed and I looked back at Eddie seeing him smiling at me, I return the smile and look back at Kevin with a dirty look.

"Watch out new girl, your hanging out with the wrong crowd." He warned.

"Wrong crowd my ass." I reply watching him walk away.

"Yeah I know you have a fat ass." He yelled back at me now disappearing from my vision.

"Freak." I say going back to getting my stuff for class.

"Fucking Kevin, he thinks he's the shit just because Patrick and Henry are gone." Richie cursed.

The bell rang and we all went to our classes.


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