Todoroki Shouto x Male!Reader

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The sports festival ended on a bad note. Bakugou was obviously upset, Iida's older brother was in the hospital, and Todoroki was emotionally lost.

Todoroki, obviously conflicted and exhausted, walked out the arena with the rest of his class. Some people got into cars with their supportive parents. Others began walking home.

Upsettingly, he turned to the direction of his home and started think about Endeavor. Just the thought of his selfish father drained him even more.

"Hey! Todoroki!" A male voice yelled from behind. The boy turned around and saw someone running up to him.

"I'm Bakugou Y/N, Katsuki's older brother. Nineteen years old," He introduced himself.

Todoroki stayed introduced himself too, and
Y/N started talking about how amazing he though Todoroki did in the festival.

"Oh, thanks..." The younger one said awkwardly, but meaningfully.

"Hey, wanna hang out some time?" Y/N offered. Todoroki nodded, and they both exchanged numbers.

"Let's go Y/N!" The spiky haired boy yelled, pissed off at Todoroki.

"I'll text you later!"


~A Few Years Later~

"We're here!" Y/N parked his car. Todoroki grabbed a picnic basket and Y/N grabbed a beach umbrella and a mat from the trunk.

They were on a date at the beach. Both of them had started dating as soon as Todoroki came of age. Katsuki didn't mind that they were dating, as long as they didn't do anything beyond holding hands in front of him.

Todoroki was a now an official pro hero, while Y/N was a (dream career).

"I'm glad we both finally managed to make time for a date." Y/N said.

"Yeah, I'm happy too." Todoroki smiled, and pointed to a good place on the sand to set up.

Todoroki seemed so bright, finally being able to spend some time with his lover other than his interns.

"Hey, before eating, let's go take a walk."

Todoroki casually started freezing the flipping water, and a lot of people were staring.

"Oh, on the water? Um, okay." Y/N laughed and started walking on his boyfriends ice.

"Hey, look at that!" Y/N chirped, pointing at the different sea creatures. An angry pufferfish hilariously reminded the couple of Katsuki.

Todoroki stopped when they were quite far away from the shore.

"Do you want to go back?" Y/N asked. He turned around, but Todoroki grabbed his hand to stop him.

"Soft." Both of them thought at the same time.

"No, I want to ask you a question first. Marry me." Todoroki said, and realized immediately that what he said wasn't a question.

Y/N started giggling, but also began crying tears of joy.

"Yeah, I'll marry you." Y/N said, hugging Todoroki.

Todoroki, for once in his life, took the initiative and kissed Y/N.

The hero took the ring out of his pocket and placed it on Y/N's left ring finger.

"Want to go back and eat?" Todoroki asked, so glad Y/N said yes.

Y/N wiped his tears and nodded. They both walked back to the shore, even happier than before, holding each other's hands.


"Is there anybody who objects?"

Todoroki, from the corner of his eye, saw someone leave the room. He brushed it off.

They went on with the ceremony.

Nobody noticed a certain male outside crying.

"Dammit, Izuku, you have to get over Todoroki. He's married to a great person, stop wishing for something else." The male whispered to himself, feeling the hot tears stream down his face.

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