Chapter 26

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Clarke's pov

We arrive at the beach. It was completely empty. There was no one and usually I would be scared, but now I wasn't.

"Well do you want to get out of the car or should we just sit here?" Bellamy asked with a grin on his face.

"Haha, very funny Bellamy." I say and get out.

"Soo, why are we here?" I ask Bellamy when he has gotten out of the car.

"I like comming here. It's so peaceful and beautiful." He says and looks around.

"Yes, so beautiful." I say sarcastically and point at the empty beer bottles in the sand.

"Not everything here looks pretty. You just need to focus on the right things." Bellamy says and looks in my eyes.

For a little while we just stand there staring at each other.

"Um, let's walk closer to the ocean." Bellamy says and breaks the silence.

"Okay." I say and start following him.

"Clarke, guess what?"Bellamy asks.

"What?" I ask.

"Surprise." Bellamy yells as he picks me up bridal style.

He kicks his shoes off and starts walking closer to the ocean.

"Bellamy! Stop right now, please don't get my clothes wet." I beg.

"You can just change your clothes when you get home." He says and laughs.

Think Clarke, think how can you make him let you down.

"Wait."I say and Bellamy stops.

"I have my phone in my pocket!" I yell.

"No you don't, you left it in the car." Bellamy says.

"Why are you doing this Bellamy just let me down." I say and laugh.

"You need to let go a little Princess." He says and walks in the water.

"One." Bellamy says and loosens his grasp.

"NO." I say.

"Two...three." Bellamy says and I close my eyes prepare for the cold water.

"Bellamyy." I yell as I fall into the freezing water. Bellamy just laughs.

Bellamy starts to run to his car. I run after him. He stops by his car and I run faster than ever and give him a hug.

"Clarke you are so cold." He says and tries to fidget his way out of my grip.

"Payback is a b." I say and smile. I let go of him and we walk closer to his car.

"Are you cold?" Bellamy asks.

"Yes, you just dropped me in freezing cold water." I say and laugh.

"Well, that's true. Do you want my jacket?" Bellamy says. I nod.

He wraps his jacket around me and smiles.

"We should probably go home." I say and break the silence.

"Yeah, let's go." Bellamy says.

We get in the car and we starts driving. We get to my house and we don't get out of the car immediately.

"What are we going to say to your mom when she sees that you are soaking wet?" Bellamy asks.

"Nothing. She isn't going to see me. When we get inside we will just run to my room." I say.

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