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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 50

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     I slept well last night. Tim's birthday today. I already fixed my things and everything. I sipped my tea while remembering yesterday. Gabby and Sonia are so adorable and as well as Greyson. He's so good with kids. I never thought that I would love Greyson this much. I never want to stop. 

     I was about to call Penelope when I saw that Greyson texted me.

     "Are you going to Tim's party?"

     I replied "Yes I am. Are you?"

     "Yes. Well, see you there!"

     I was washing the dishes when Madge and Penelope arrived. They were on their summer looks. 

     "Ready to go?" Madge asked.

     "Yes. I'll just finish this." 

     After I do everything, we hopped on Madge's car and went to the beach. It's around 3 in the afternoon and the sun is high and hot. When we arrived, only a few are there. I thought it's gonna be a big party. It's only me, Madge, Penelope, Greyson, Tim, Ethan, Amber and her friends, and 2 guys who are football players. There were no big speakers playing a lot of urban music and a lot of dancing. There were no food, alcohol or anything. Just plain beach. I spotted Greyson wearing a black v-neck with board shorts holding a can of coke. I also spotted Amber and her friends. Amber's wearing a lolli bow bikini from Urban Outfitters. I saw those yesterday at the mall. Hahaha! She's stunning as always and very skinny. Her friend Pattie is wearing a beach romper and Rachel is wearing a one piece bikini. They are gorgeous!

     While there's me, looking like a...nerd. Madge removed her cover-up and revealed her beautiful body structure. She's so confident. I wish I was like her. Penelope's talking with Tim. And I'm sitting on a beach bench. Madge comes over and sits beside me.

     "Hop on." Tim said while waving at us from this yacht.

     Yes, they are that rich. So this is gonna be a tiny party on a yacht. Wow. 

     I hopped on the boat with my friends following from my back. Greyson wore his Rayban shades and I'm like "Ahhhhh c: c:". Gah he's so hot. I put on my sunnies and Tim brought us to this room where we can put our things in. Then we went to nose of the yatch. There were beach benches and beach towels on the floor. I sat on the first bench and put my sunscreen on. I really don't want to be tanned. After that, I lied and just let the sun's heat touch my body. I kinda feel uncomfy with this bikini that's why I put on my cover-up. Tim brought in a boombox and turned the music on. He also brought in foods and drinks. 

      The yacht slowly moved and the wind is really messing up with my hair so I made my hair in a messy bun. Tim and others were chatting and eating while I'm just lying here and relaxing. Who cares, anyway? 

     "We're almost there, guys." Tim said.

     "Where are you bringing us anyway?" Rachel asked.

     "You'll see. We'll be there in 15 minutes. Just wait and see." 

      The wind started to blow harder which made me fall asleep on the bench. 

     There was a big splash. It's the anchor. 

     I took of my sunnies and scratched my eyes hoping that I don't have a tan line on my face for sleeping under the sun. When I opened my eyes, blue sea, blue sky and there's this beautiful island about 30 feet away from the boat. It was a paradise. When I looked beside me, Greyson is lying on the bench and I think he's asleep. I came over him and poked him a lot until he stands up. 

     "WHAT?" he said grumpily.

     "We're here."

     "Oh. Let's go swimming!"

     "Yeah yeah I'm coming." 

     I ate a sandwich and back from where I was sitting. 

     Ethan jumped from the boat to the blue water. Tim, the 2 football players and Pattie joined in. 

     "Aren't you guys gonna join us?" Ethan asked.

     "Yes, I'm coming!" I said as I jump from the boat to the water. I sinked way down but I know how to handle this. If you guys didn't know, I'm a swimmer but I never joined the school's swimming team since it's really tiring and I love it in the school's orchestra more. 

     From above, I saw Greyson and Amber talking. Not a big deal, hehe. I swam towards Tim and we talked a bit.

     "Thanks for inviting me. This place is awesome!" 

     "No problem. I hope you're having fun."

     Meanwhile, Madge and Penelope jumped into the water. "I love you Zac Efrooooon!!!" Madge shouted. And all of us laughed.

     Now Greyson and Amber are the only ones up there. Well, except for the captain and the crews. Hahaha :)

     I didn't mind about them and just swam deeper and deeper. I love the ocean so much. If I only I could be anything, I'd be a mermaid. Or maybe a dolphin. Hahaha! 

     Madge, Penelope and I swam together around the yacht. I swear they are the best of the best friends ever. 

     Suddenly, I saw Greyson and Amber jump to the water. 

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