chapter 1

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The Pierce the Veil tour bus had finally reached San Diego, the guys back after 4 months of touring.

"See you later" Tony shouted to his band mates. His house was the first stop and he just wanted a shower, food and sleep. Unlocking the front door to his house, he dropped his bags in the hallway and headed through to the kitchen. He opened the cupboard door and was greeted by an emptiness. He needed to actually buy food to put in there. Damn.

Deciding to shower first was a good idea. Sleep would have to wait though.

He grabbed his car keys and headed down to a local super market. Grabbing a trolley, he mentally listed what he needed. Vegetables, vegetarian foods, milk, coffee, beer. The list was rather a long one and by the time he got to the last aisle, he was cursing himself. He just couldn't find the last few items he needed. He saw a girl putting stock out and approached her to ask where he could find what he needed. She turned to him and he almost gasped out loud. She was beautiful. Milky white skin, emerald green eyes and black- blue hair. He found he couldn't speak at first but after a second or two found his tongue.

"Excuse me, where can I find the coffee?" he asked.

She motioned him to follow her and she led him to the right aisle. She turned to leave. He watched her walk away and wanted to kick himself for not having anything more interesting to say. He had shopped here many times previously and could not remember seeing her before. She reached the end of the aisle and turned to look back at him quickly before disappearing around the corner.

"Wait" he called but when he reached the end of the aisle, she was nowhere to be seen. He went towards where he had seen her first and the stock she had been putting out was still there but not her.

He sighed and headed to the checkout to pay. He was loading up his car when he saw her again, walking across the car park.

"Excuse me" he called out to her, but she didn't reply. Maybe she hadn't heard him.

He quickly threw the rest of his shopping in the car, jumped behind the wheel, started up and drove towards where he'd just seen her but she had vanished. He pulled up and looked around but she was nowhere to be seen. He sat there, confused. How could a person just vanish?

He drove home, still confused. He put his shopping away, made a sandwich and fell asleep.

Within a couple of hours he woke up with a start. He'd been dreaming about the girl and she had been shouting for help. He drew a large breath. How could someone he had met so briefly have that affect on him?

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