Chapter 1

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Chapter One
Their First Encounter
By : DorkFish1103

Alright people, I have already read up to chapter 221 of the Nanatsu No Taizai, so do not blame me if it contains spoilers as to what actually happens, in fact in most of this story there will be spoilers.
( Meliodas' POV)

I was on my way to Baltra's royal quarters when I spotted the child is saved and said was mine in Danafor,Elizabeth, oh how I yearned to take her and make her mine. Not only did my demon side want her but my humane side as well, the only things holding me back are that she is not of age, and what her adoptive father the King would do to me if I did. She may still be a child, but in my eyes she was a goddess. Her older siblings protected her as if I were the bad guy when she truly doesn't understand what I have done for her, I gave her an older sister and I also protect them under all cost.
I walk up to her and pet her on the head and say, " How are you this evening Princess Elizabeth?" I say cheerfully with a wide grin on my face.
"I'm fine thank you, may I ask how you are?"
" Why yes of course, I'm fine, and if I remember correctly you don't remember my name do you Elizabeth?"
"Of course I remember you silly, you're Meliodas from the great Holy Knights team The Seven Deadly Sins. You are the Dragon's sin of Wrath. Did I get that right?"
"Yes you did great! Now Lizzy how about you tell me who told you my secret?"
"Father did, and I think that's why Margaret and Veronica get flustered when they see us talking Meliodas. Does it make me a bad girl if I talk to you? Am I a bad girl sir Meliodas? I don't wanna be a bad girl, bad Girls get lashing and I really don't like lashings they really hurt," Elizabeth told me as the tears started over flowing the bottom lip of her left eye,she ,always keeps her right eye covered with her beautiful silver hair, I tell her soothingly, " No,no,no. You're the most of a good girl in the whole world. I promise Elizabeth if anything bad happens all you have to do is," I reach into my armour pocket and pull out a piece of my old Danafor attire and hand it to her after whispering an enchantment over it, " hold this close and say my name three times and I will be there in an instant. So don't worry for whenever you are in trouble I will always look after you even if you someday forget about me." I say with a smile hoping to cheer her up, and it works spontaneously.

After my report to Baltra I start to head to the Knights corridor where I was to sleep when I heard Elizabeth in my head whispering my name over and over again, I hurry back up the halls, back passed Baltra's room and straight to Elizabeth's. I get here and open the door quickly and easily, then I rush to her bedside where I could see her crying, " What's wrong Lizzy? Is everything alright?" I ask her quiet and calmly, though even with that I seemed to have startled her. "Sir Meliodas? Is that really you?" she said as she jumped into my arms sobbing, "I was so scared, I thought I was dieing, I couldn't see anything but a yellow gleam of light that looked just like the sun, it was warm but scary, no matter how far I paced and no matter how much I cried I couldn't find my way out, I was so scared oh so scared...." I let her cry until she fell asleep in my arms. I had never felt this way before, this crushing pain in my chest.What could this be.....

Alrighty then well that's a rap guys, see you next time! This is a starter chapter, so it won't get a second update until it has been either voted on or commented on to tell me that it is good enough to update.

I'm sorry that it's short😢

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