Boyd Holbrook (Part 2)

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After one of his fights he takes you out to celebrate with some of his friends, when he ends up getting into a fight with a man who kept on harassing you.


You held onto Boyd's hand tightly as you exited the large warehouse. Even though he won the most fights during the night you couldn't help but fear that one day he'd get seriously injured.

You turned to face him when you felt his finger caress softly over your hand comfortably.

"You sure you're not hurt Boyd" you pouted.

It was probably the hundredth time you'd asked him tonight but you couldn't help it. He didn't look to badly bruised up in comparison to the guys he'd fought earlier.

With only a few cuts on his face and a small bruise under his left eye, he didn't look too bad.

"I'm fine babygirl, there's no need for you to be worrying over me" he said softly before placing a kiss on your forehead.

Leaning into him you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"I know Boyd, it's just I'm scared that you might get hurt and I won't be able to help you" you sighed.

"Aye look at me Y/N,-" he placed his finger underneath your chin forcing you to look up at him.

"Whatever happens to me happens, I don't care about me, I care about you. Before anything else it's you I think of, and if you don't want me to get hurt I won't, now stop worrying nothings gonna happen to me" he said.

Nodding your head slowly, you let out a quiet okay.

You were about to turn away from Boyd when he leaned down and pulled you into a kiss. Wrapping your arms around his neck again, you stood on your tippy toes to get even closer to him.

His hands rested on your jean clothed ass, where he gave you a firm squeeze.

"Woah love birds, we've got celebrating to do, you can do this when you guys get home" Franklin smirked.

He was happy now that he'd earned a wad of cash in his hands. His eyes glowed brightly at the sight of the money.

"Fuck you Franklin" Boyd said jokingly.

Shyly tucking your head into the crook of Boyd's neck you moved your hands back to your sides, before reaching out to hold onto Boyd's hand.

He held onto your hand automatically like it was natural to him.

"You ready?" He asked you.

Nodding your head you both walked in the direction of the car hand in hand.

"And then I said fuck no!" Sam said ending his joke.

Everybody at the table laughed bar you. You just didn't understand it. What was so funny.

Sipping from the straw of your strawberry smoothie, you leaned into Boyd who was being extremely quiet.

"Boyd, baby you okay?" you asked.

"Mhm.."he said but his eyes didn't move to meet your own.

Instead they were trained solely on a table near the entrance, where a group of men were seated. There were several of them, which was one more  in comparison to your table.

You decided not to ask what was up with him.

Picking up your milkshake once again, you were about to sip when you realised it was empty.

Pouting slightly you stood up from your seat to get another one.

"Where you going" Boyd said. His hand quickly wrapped itself loosely around your wrist.

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