Chapter 1 - We've only Just Begun.

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Chapter 1 – We've only Just Begun.

Two years later.

It was forty minutes past seven in the morning. Like every other day I was the first one awake. I smiled looking around the kitchen. Everything was perfectly out of order, perhaps an oxymoron but true. I put a couple pieces of bread in the toaster and grabbed an apple. I sat on the kitchen stool and took a bit of apple looking at the clock. Seven forty five. I started counting down the second on my fingers. Five. Four. Three. Two. O…

“Thomas Parker get your lazy arse out of bed!” Kat was always on time. She had moved into Tom’s room so that I could have hers. Although I always ended up sleeping in Nathan’s room anyways.

“But Kitty Kat it’s only quarter to.” He whined.

“And we have to be there by ten thirty. Do you know how long it takes me to get you boys ready?” Kat exclaimed.

“Do you have to wake everyone else up Kat?” I heard Jay complain.

“YES!” Kat and Tom yelled at the same time.

Organized chaos.

“Why do we have to go anyways? It’s Addi’s thing not ours.” Max asked.

“She goes to every single one of your meeting, interviews, and shows. The least you can do to repay her is go to this one little art show.” Reason seven hundred and ninety two why Kat was my best friend; she was the most supportive person I know. “Nathan get up!” I laughed when I heard a thud on the floor above me.

“Morning sleepy heads.” I smiled as each one of the boys trooped in with their heads sagging with sleep. “I made tea and coffee. Help yourself Kat nor I are getting it for you.” I winked at Kat leaving the room to go and get changed.

I pulled on a gray dress and a pair of Kat’s heels from her ever growing pile of shoes. I pulled my hair back into a bun letting a few stray strands hang in my face.

I almost literally ran into Kat at the top of the stairs. She was dressed in a cute purple dress and black heels. Her light blonde hair was pulled into two braids that hung over her shoulders.

“Time to get the boys ready?” I asked following her down the stairs.

“Yes. I have already put their clothes on their beds. How much do you want to bet they still find a way to screw up their outfits anyway?”

Surprisingly the only malfunction we had was Nathan trying to put on a tie.

We pulled into my mother’s driveway and I opened the door without knocking. “Jace! We are leaving now! Are you ready to go yet?”

“Yes just give me a second I need to finish making Harry some breakfast.” She called back.

I walked into the kitchen. My baby brother who was now two years old and was fully walking and talking, was sitting on the floor playing with a red toy car. “Sissy!” he cried wobbling over to me. I picked him up in one arm and steadied him on the side of my hip.

“Why is it that when you do that it makes him smile and when I do it he cries?” Jace complained pouring milk into a bowl of cereal.

“I’m the cool sister of course.” I joked handing her a spoon and setting Harry down into his chair.

“Ready to go ‘cool sister?” she mocked grabbing her bag and a pair of heels.

I opened the driver’s door and Tom looked up at me. “Can I drive?” I asked.

“No.” he replied simply.

“Please Tom. I want to drive, please. You’ve let me drive before.”

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