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     Cana had just turned 17 years old. She was a quiet, sweet girl. But there was one... funny thing about Cana, she was fascinated at the thought of death. From finding out what different religions believe to making up conspiracy theories, she knew every way death was interpreted. It almost made her excited to die, to see what it's like to be in the afterlife. She thought it would be a party, a peaceful transition, a real life that didn't have any suffering... something she could be finally happy with, at least, she hoped. Anyway, one of her favorite things to do was to go out into the woods behind her home and walk. She would walk for hours. She would stay out till dark. She loved to look up and see the moon shine through the laves. One day, she walked through as the sun went down, she saw a tall woman. She stood still, like the trees around her. She wore all black, and she was skin and bones. Cana felt a force pulling her closer to the woman, drawing her in.

     "Who are you?" Cana called out before taking any steps closer. 

     "I am Death," the woman called out. 

     Cana's eyes went wide, "I-Is it my time?! Are you here to take me?!"

     The excitement in her voice threw Death off, "Do you wish to die?"

     "I just want to see what it's like," Cana replied.

     "Once you go you can never come back."

     "...Thats okay."

     The wind stopped blowing, and the forest grew still and quiet. Death held out her hand.

     "Take my hand, and you can come see, but you can't come back."

     Cana didn't think, she didn't hesitate, she thought she had nothing to loose, she thought she would be happy, and she took Death's hand. And the world around them faded away. 

     Cana and Death were surrounded by nothing. You couldn't see beyond them, not black, not white, nothing. Cana couldn't believe it.

     "Where are we?!" she asked, her voice had no echo, it sounded like she was trapped in a box.

     "The afterlife." Death answered.

     "B-But... why is it like this, it's just a void!"

     The woman stared at her.

     "Where's all the other dead people?!"

     The woman stared at her.

     "Why isn't it happy here?!"

     The woman stared at her.

     "You can't go back," Death replied.

     Cana started to cry, and thrashed her hand away from Death's grip, "I just want to go home!!!"

     "This is your home now."

     Death began to fade away. Cana stared at the space Death once stood, and there was nothing.

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