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Soulmate! AU The world is black and white and when you meet your soulmate you gain colour. If you loose your soulmate (passes away) the world reverses to blackand white again. To meet you have eye contact  


To be able to see in colour was a beautiful thing.

To be able to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate was even better.

To meet your soulmate and gain the colour and live life to together was a dream.

Your world was colourful

Your had to agree with this. You sat next to your soulmate, Nagisa Shiota, on the bus to go to school. You had been together for at least a year. Nagisa was happy to meet you and so were you. You didn't regret every single time you spent together.

It was a lovely day and the sky was in different shades of blue. You were very thankful to be able to see the colours and meet your soul mate. You glanced around the bus looking at the students, some of them didn't look bright. 'They will find their soulmate soon,' you smiled to yourself as you tried to remember how you met Nagisa.

You met Nagisa through an unusual situation. It was in the middle of the school year and you had just been moved to Class E, the end class. Your grades were very bad and the annoying strawberry blonde, Asano, had reported you to the schoool.

Asano Gakushuu, son of the principal had a crush on you but you politely declined. Annoyed and upset, Asano had you moved to the end class making excuse that it was your grades.

You were partly thankful for Asano moving you to the end class because if he didn't you wouldn't have met your soul mate. You were told to introduce yourself to the class by your new teacher who was a peculiar octopus. A man who wore a formal suit explained to you that you had to kill your own teacher.

You introduced yourself to the whole class looking around the room, you made eye contact with the blue hair male. As you were about to speak to stopped. Suddenly, splotches of colour appeared as if somebody was throwing colourful paint. Your world once black and white was full of colour.

The surprised male stood up and looked at you smiling. "Koro~sensei, I think I've found my soul mate." the whole class stopped up and started clapping as finding a soul mate was something to celebrate.

You blush and bow down, introducing yourself while the class sits down. "Hello my name is [L/N], [F/N]. I hope to become a happy family with you and learn a lot. Thank you for everything!" you bow down again and head towards your seat. Your story with Nagisa soon grew.

"We're here at school!" your soul mate chirped happily as the bus arrived at its stopped. You walked out of the bus and your hands intertwined with his. You had to cross the road before you arrived at the bottom of the mountain. You ran to the crossing road pressing the button.

The light soon turned green and you walked casually, Nagisa behind you. A car that was out of control drove your way. It happened all to quick, you were first crossing the road and now you were sprawled in front of the car with blood dripping from your chest.

The scene wasn't pretty, onlookers tried to hide children away and Nagisa ran towards you screaming in fear. There was no time to call the ambulances, bystanders watched Nagisa as he cried in pain. You smiled at the boy giving him a weak hug you didn't have long.

"Don't leave me.... you can stay.. promise you stay with me [Y/N]?" the boy quivered.

"yes...." you breathed out.

Picking up his phone, Nagisa dialled the ambulance. They were on their way now it was a matter of time whether you survived or not. You became silent for a while Nagisa who was worried shook you. "Wake up [Y/N], don't faint!" he cried at the loss of blood, his hands were drenched in red.

It was at that moment he knew you were gone. The colour in his eyes were dull and the love of his life was gone. The colour began fading from his eyes. The blood that was around you had lost its crimson red colour and was now dark grey.

He knew you were gone. It was too late.

His world was now colourless 


So recently, I've lost the motivation to make assassination classroom scenarios. As you know I'm a big haikyuu fan and I'm writing assclass fanfic so that's... stupid. I don't want to just leave this book.


Somebody help me get my fcking motivation back because I feel bad for not publishing in 3 fcking days. I need to post at least 3 times a week and I can't atm

I love Assassination Classroom but I prefer Haikyu over it lol. I've been currently working on a 50 chapter haikyuu x reader series and my attention has been diverted.

Although I love assclass, I'm not as into it as I am with haikyuu. With Haikyuu I'm burning with passion whereas in assclass I'm here liek: mehhhhh.


I don't want to be a cruel writer towards you (my readers), I won't be writing for while and if I do they're going to be scenario crossovers eg. 'What if they met Kuroko no basket characters.' (Can you forgive me?)

I won't be publishing till 25th, please let me rest with my writer's block for a week and I'll update you.

If you're wondering how I wrote that Nagisa One shot its from my DeviantArt lol.

Please PM if you have any questions and thank you for reading my crappy AN and I'll see you hopefully in my crossover scenarios or the 25th of Oct <3

- kuuro

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