Preferences: How He describes you

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Max Verstappen
• She's Clumsy
• Generous heart
• Adorably cute
• Most hardworking person I know
•"You have to see how my family adores her. "

Sebastian Vettel
•"She's the sunshine during the darkest days, even though she likes dark." - he giggles
• A great actress.
• The most beautiful girl in the world
• She has my back no matter what happens
• Shy and reserved, but very hysterical.

Daniel Ricciardo
• "She's Jane and I'm Tarzan. But sometimes she's Tarzan, she's really savage."
•The most beautiful laugh in the world
•Equally as funny, if not more.
•The most stunning human in and outside you'll ever meet.

Lewis Hamilton
• Constantly Affectionate
• Genius. "I wonder why you're not working at NASA with that big smart brain of yours." "Because you need me more than NASA does, Lew."
•The most understanding girl in the universe
• She gets me, I don't know how.
•Everything I wished in a girl

Antonio Giovinazzi
• She's my boss
• Best kisses and hugs
• she's good in everything she does.;)
• Her smile is more pure than a diamond
• Always ready to give the best cuddles eveeeeeeer... *Shanna;) *

Nico Hulkenberg
• Very organised
• Makes sure everyone is happy
• She's a walking talking masterpiece
• "I'm so proud of you baby. You know that right Nicolas?"
• Curious and clumsy.

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