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BEING TRAPPED BEHIND ENEMY LINES ABSOLUTELY SUCKED. Of course, James Stark knew this personally, seeing as it always seemed that he was getting captured nowadays. The Stark man clenched his jaw as he was bound to a chair, shaking his head at the soldiers in front of them. One of the downsides of his family was that he was practically known for being a Stark, which meant the assholes in front of him thought they could use him against Tony in order to claim a bounty. But James made Tony promise him, once he revealed to him that he was working for the government, that he would never drop a penny to save him. No matter what the assholes were threatening to do to him. Don't drop any of their family's money in order to save him.

Because he would rather see his fate through than allow his brother to bankrupt himself.

The men spoke in front of him with thick Russian accents as they worked on their 'master' plan, while James was attempting to figure out an escape. There had to be some points in the vast room he was in that would lead him to an escape. He did look at his mission report when Fury had assigned it to him, he swore on his own life, but he just couldn't remember a blueprint of a large facility like some people.

As he was bound to the chair in the middle of the room, smoke began to creep in like an unsuspected snake. James narrowed his eyes as he watched a woman with dark brown hair slip into the room with another man, with more lighter brown hair. It didn't take him long to realize who the two of them were as they took out the soldiers around him, and James had managed to get himself untied. But as he stood up and stared at the other two in front of him, just as they finished up the job, they turned to James.

"I see you managed to get yourself kidnapped again, Daphne," Nathaniel Hyde spoke in a joking manner as he stared at his friend, which made James stick out his tongue.

"Oh, you know how these pretentious assholes love a Stark," James replied to him, not bitterly, just in annoyance as he approached the large computer. Taryn Nichol glanced over to the Stark and quirked an eyebrow as she stared at her friend. James gave her a quick wink, before beginning to type in various codes to hack into the system. "And don't call me Daphne. I don't have a pet talking dog, nor do I drive around solving mysteries with a bunch of children. That'll give my family a little bit more bad press than we need."

"The Starks? Bad press? I never thought those two things would ever go together," Taryn said sarcastically, which made James roll his eyes. "Have you even spoken to your brother lately? Or is Tony still Tony?"

"Tony is still Tony and I doubt he is going to stop being himself, which I wouldn't want him to," James replied to the two of them, and they both glanced at each other behind the Stark. James knew that they were giving each other faces, and he wanted to turn around and smack the two of them, but he didn't have enough energy to do so. Instead, he finished up what he was doing with the system they were in, and plucked out the flash drive that he had, and stuffed it in his pocket. "Alright, ladies, let's get going before I get kidnapped again."

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