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o9.| ALLY

WITH A KNIFE TO HIS THROAT, NATALIA GLIMPSED OVER HIS SHOULDER AT HIM, TO GIVE HIM A SLIGHT SMIRK. A small smirk appeared on his lips as he took her wrist in his hand and twisted it, listening as a gasp left her lips. He forced the knife out of her grasp and it clanked to the floor. James ducked under her arm and spun around to face her. He took her right arm into his hands, before pinning it behind her as he pressed her body up against a wall. Natalia groaned as he did, turning her face so her cheek was against the wall.

He was waiting for her to tap out of the fight, but that wasn't who she was. In a quick motion, she slammed her elbow into his gut and rolled out of his grasp. The redhead gave him a grin as she stood up and James shook his head. He gave her a look, before pulling a dagger out of the back of his pants. Her eyes locked onto the weapon before she swiped the knife on the floor. She wiggled it in his face, before tilting her head to the side as she cracked her neck.

The two of them began to fight with the two daggers, not really caring if one of them got a cut in the process. But in the end, Natalia ended up knocking the dagger out of his grasp and pinning him to the floor. She stared down at him, her red hair falling around her face. James stared up into her emerald eyes, that seemed to be a little less daunting today. Which was strange.

Her eyes softened as she stared down at him for a quick second, and James let out a small chuckle. His hands rested on her hips, and Natalia didn't look. She was caught off guard, which usually never happened. Which gave James enough time to swap their positions and pin her to the ground. A grunt left her lips as she stared up at him, glaring.

But as the two of them stared at each other, the echo of voices entered the building. They both snapped their head to meet the door before James was on his feet. He quickly grabbed Natalia's hand, dragging her through the back of the room and over toward a large door. He pushed it open, which led them down a flight of stairs. Natalia didn't look over her shoulder as James dragged her downstairs.

When he opened a mysterious and random door, he pushed her inside. Natalia met his gaze as she snatched his wrist in her hand. James turned to face her, giving her a look.

"Kuda, po-tvoyemu, ty idesh'? Ne ostavlyay menya zdes'! YA mog by pomoch' tebe, Stark," (Where do you think you're going? Don't leave me down here! I could help you, Stark.) Natalia spat at him, and James shook his head at her. He grabbed her face in his hands and gave her a serious look.

"Nataliya, ostavaysya zdes' i zhdi, poka ya ne vernus'. Lyudi, kotoryye, veroyatno, zdes'? Odin iz nikh mog byt' moim bossom. I on ne byl by rad videt', chto ty zhiv. Dayte mne vremya, chtoby oni ischezli," (Natalia, stay here and wait until I get back. The people that are probably here? One of them could be my boss. And he wouldn't be happy to see that you're alive. Give me some time to make them disappear.) James said to her in Russian, and he watched as she was about to object to his plan, but she simply just nodded.

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