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JAMES AND NATALIA ENDED UP TRAINING TOGETHER LONGER THAN EITHER OF THEM HAD EXPECTED. James found weaknesses in her fighting that he hadn't expected to find, but she had found some of his own as well. Natalia had decided to do some of her own personal training, so James decided to take himself to the kitchen to start cooking something together. He gathered all of the food that he needed and he began to chop up some of the ingredients. He hummed to himself as he began to cook before he felt that something was missing. That was when he put on some music, and it was no surprise to him when ACDC was one of the first bands to start playing.

The younger Stark sibling began humming to himself as he turned on the burner and put a frying pan over it, beginning to fry up the vegetables that he had cut up. His head bobbed to the beat of the music and he made sure to throw in everything that he needed for the meal at hand. He even found himself dancing around a little bit as he cooked. He was happy that his older brother wasn't there, otherwise, he would've teased him about his horrible dancing skills.

As he was cooking, Natalia poked her head into the kitchen. She had smelt what he was cooking and ended her training session earlier than expected. Her eyes landed on the Stark man, watching as he cooked. She hadn't expected a Stark to know how to cook, especially with how they were raised. Natalia thought that because of the way he was raised with money, that he wouldn't have any valuable skills to separate him from everyone else in the world. But then again, that must've been the reason as for why he had become an agent for the secret organization that he was with.

James turned around to reach for something in a cabinet, and Natalia took the opportunity to walk around the counters and glance down at the frying pan. The redhead stirred the vegetables around in the pan before her eyes landed on the chicken in the other. Just as she began to add some seasoning to the chicken in the pan, James had turned around to find her in his kitchen. A small smile appeared on his lips as he stared down at her, before slipping beside her and adding in some of his own spices of choice to the meal.

She glanced up at him, and she was going to search the cabinets for something else that she could cook, but then she found herself running into James. The two of them made eye contact with each other. Natalia could feel James's breath fall against her face and she inhaled deeply before she watched a sly grin appear on his lips.

"You gonna kiss me, or are you just staring?" James asked her cockily, which made her scoff.

"I was not going to kiss you," Natalia scoffed, as she slipped around him and made her way over toward the corner of the room, pulling open cabinet doors.

James pressed his lips together as he let out a small chuckle. Natalia glanced over her shoulder at him as he finished up what he was frying, before emptying the pan out onto a plate. Natalia placed two glasses down on the counter, before walking over toward the fridge. She couldn't find anything but beer in the fridge. A small smile appeared on her lips, before pulling out two bottles. She set them beside the glasses and James glanced at the drink of choice.

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