ch 5

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Aquamarine's POV

I woke up and Happy was gone.  I got out of bed and got dressed.  I went back to the club house.  Gemma had blown up my phone as did Tara.  Turns Abel was kidnapped while they chased Zobelle.  Gemma is on the run cause Stahl saw her kill Zobelle's daughter. I was calling Marueen.  I was going with.  These boys except Chibs don't know the land. 


I got on the plane and rubbed my eyes.  I just found out some news that I'm still trying to process.  I haven't told anyone.  I'm scared and the only time I've been scared was with Jim and his two brothers. 

Happy's POV

I don't know what's going on with Aqua but she's been distant.  Every time I come home from the club or working at TM she's asleep or waiting til I go to bed and than I find her sleeping on the couch.  I'm worried and that's not me.  I only worry about 4 things,  my mom,  aunt,  Remington and the club.  I went over and sat down next to her.  She moved closer to me laying her head on my chest. 

"I just got news two days ago and I'm still trying to process it." She muttered sadly and I lifted her head. 

"What ever it is you can't keep pushing me away.  I'm here for you." I whispered and she nodded. 

"I'm pregnant with twins and there's a high chance I won't survive the birth." She muttered and I blinked rapidly processing what she told me.  I pulled her closer to me. 

"We can talk about it when we get home after finding Abel." She whispered and I nodded.  Chibs looked at us confused. 

"Lassie what's wrong?" He asked and I tensed up. 

"Just worried about seeing Sambel.  I didn't leave on good terms with them." She said smoothly and he nodded. 

"Don't ye worry wee lassie." He said and she nodded snuggling into me and fell asleep.  I thought about the children growing in her body that could kill her if she gave birth.  My mind thinking of any other options.  If Remington find a out he's going to be devastated.  So will Otto, Luann,  her dad,  the guys,  Gemma,  Lyla,   Tara.  Everyone one. 

Belfast Ireland

Aqua didn't want to ride in the van so she road with me.  Keith and Liam weren't happy that she was her or that we were involved. 


We got to the club house and she took off running  I turned to see her bring in two women into hugs.  I saw Tyler as well.  She hugged him after hugging the women.  She came over and kissed me saying she was gonna catch up with the two girls.  I told her to be careful.  We went inside and some of them went to the chapel.  Juice went in when a van pulled up.  Chibs,  Jax,  Clay and the VP and President of sambel came out and we went outside.  I even seen Aqua come out of a door with a gun.  She had the two women behind her.  But when two women came out she went wide eyed. 

"Kerri!" She yelled giving the older one that gun and ran down the steps.  The young girl that got out of the van turned.  She saw Aqua and let out a sob and tackled her.  The older one joined them. Chibs than joined making Aqua giggle. 

We went inside and she talked to Fiona who was Chibs wife and talked his daughter Kerrianne.  Kerrianne had snuggled up to Aqua who was next to me.  Sean came in saying it was time to go.  They got to stay a little longer but than had to leave.  It was good to see how she acted with another child but I'm still trying to get my head around the babies growing in her stomach.  When the girls left she took us to a room. 

"This used to be my room." She said unlocking the door.  We walked in with our bags and she shut the door.  I sat on the bed and put my head in my hands. 

"Baby." She said and I felt her lean on my back and wrap her arms around my neck. 

"Don't over think it.  We can get through this.  The doctor said it's a 50 50 chance.  When we get back to Charming we can go see the doctor and talk about other birthing options." She said and I pulled my head away from my hands and looked at her. 

"I'll be in prison for a year and few months Aqua." I said and she pulled away. 

"I know baby,  Gemma and Tara can help along with my auntie. Your the first one to know about this." She said and cupped my face. 

"The babies are gonna meet his/her daddy and mommy.  I'm not going anywhere any time soon and I sure as hell am going to fight.  I love you.  You came into my life at the perfect time and I'm not ever gonna let you go." She said and I touched her hands. 

"Let's get married than?  I don't want to spend another minute without you as my wife.  The second we get back to charming we can go to the court house.  We can bring Remington and my ma and aunt." I said and she smiled. 

"Let's get married than baby." She said and I pulled her body to me and kissed her lips. 

"Tell daddy what you want baby?" I asked and she moaned my name. 

"Daddy fuck me!" She moaned and I ravished her body all night long. 

Aquamarine's POV

I woke up and Happy was asleep and I smiled.  There was a soft knock.  I got up got dressed and went to the door.  I opened it to see Clay.  I closed the door just a tad bit so he didn't see a naked Happy.

"Happy's needed on the run,  darling." He said softly and I nodded. 

"I'll wake him up." I said shutting the door a d turned to Happy.  I crawled on top of him and kissed his lips.  Next thing I know is I'm under neath him. 

"Sorry baby no sex.  You have to get ready for some run." I said and kissed him.  He groaned but got off me after kissing my forehead and got dressed as I watched. 

"How did I get so lucky?" I asked and he smirked at me.  He bent down and kissed me than slipped his soa hoodie on and walked out of the door.  I went to get up and he poked his head in. 

"Love you baby." He whispered and I smiled and said love you to.  He left again and went out to the main room after locking my door.  Paddy was saying good bye to his fiance. 

"Boy you better be safe and I mean it." I said to him and he and his fiance smiled. 

"Yes ma'am." He said hugging me.  I got on my tippy toes and kissed his head. 

He left with Chibs as Opie and Jax came over to me. 

"You better be safe as well." I said and they nodded and hugged me.  Happy was next and you bet your ass I was more worried for his safety. He kissed my head and said to keep my glock on me.  I told him to stay safe.  Gemma and I than went to Maureen's.  Fiona and Kerrianne were there with them. 

"What's going on baby?" Maureen asked as Tyler went to the shop with Trinity.

"I got news 3 days ago. I'm pregnant with twins and there's a 50 50 chance I won't survive giving birth.  I told Happy yesterday and we talked last night.  Technically he proposed to me last night." I said and they squealed.  What I wasn't expecting was Jimmy'o to walked I  with Sean.  I put my hand on my stomach. 


I sat in my old bed room still in shock.  I still have blood on my face from Sean being killed next to me.  The door opened and Happy stood there with a concerned face.  He bent down next to me and I threw my arms around his neck and actually cried since my mom's funeral. 

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