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"Take My Flick KD" I smiled and posed

"Ugh" he scoffed and snapped the picture.

"Send it to me thanks babes" I laughed and walked off.

We was all at the mall shopping for school and shit.

"NBA BE THE GANG BEN 10 BEN BE THE NAME" Ben yelled getting some stares from People.

"ITS RETARDEDDDD" Boomer Yelled In my ear.

"Bitch you retarded!" I yelled running after him hitting him on the head.

Dumboo🐘👂🏽🤓: Attachment: 1 image

I opened it and screenshotted my picture so I could post it.

I opened it and screenshotted my picture so I could post it

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He say he like my swag I be cuttin up👅

Nbakd2x: Bestfriendd😍🤤🤤

Og_3three: 😍😍😍🖕🏽

Mgng10x: Ugh🙄

Nba_Youngboy: I do like your swag😏

fineass.esha:^👀👀 &bousinnn😍😍😍!!


I shook my head at the comments and put my phone in my jacket pocket.

We walked through some other stores and the last store we stopped at was PINK.

I walked up to the panties and started going through them.

"Get these they'll look good on yo fat ass" YB picked up some boy shorts.

"I don't even wear those type" I did a stink face.

"I'll buy them then" he said looking at some other ones and just picking up the ones he liked.

After he bought them he handed me the bag.

"Only wear those when you around me" he whispered in my ear.

I chuckled and nodded.


"You Going In anymore stores" I asked YB


"No I'm pretty much done" I looked at all of my bags I had.

"Ight I guess we can go" I shrugged.

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