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Karina's POV

(That's what Karina looks like^^^)
I woke up to my alarm going off I got up and walked to my closet I picked out this. I did my makeup and hair.

I go downstairs and I see Karma

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I go downstairs and I see Karma. Karma is my dog he is a husky mixed with a Pomeranian. This is what Karma looks like. Karma is still a baby.

I got my phone and put it in my back pocket

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I got my phone and put it in my back pocket. I grabbed Karma's leash and collar. Karma is a boy. I grabbed a bag of treats. We walked outside it was 12:00pm. We were walking down the street and I had a feeling I was being followed. Karma and me started running. I saw this black van and a cute boy got out he saw Karma and ran towards me. "Oh my god can I pet your cute puppy?" The boy said. Of course I said yes. He started petting him. "So what's his or hers name?" The boy asked.

"His name is Karma. Karma is my best friend and I'm grateful to have him I don't know what I would do with out him." I say. "Awe that's cute." The boy said. "Oh my god I just realized you have two different colored eyes. They are gorgeous." He said "Thank you." I said. I saw two guys walk past one had ocean blue eyes and the other one head curly hair. I looked at Karma and he was growling. He started barking.

"Karma what's wrong my handsome boy?" I asked while bending down and petting him. All of a sudden I feel a cloth over my mouth all I could hear was Karma barking then I heard him wimper. I blacked out. 

I woke up. I bolted up I looked around the room I was in. It looks like my old room. I call for Karma. Karma came to me limping. I saw that and ran and picked him up and held him close. I was pissed my eyes started glowing red. Karma looked at me and snuggled my head. I closed my eyes and they went back to blue and yellow brown.

The door open and it was the three boys I saw earlier. I put Karma on the bed. I walked over to the boys. "Hi there." The one with curly hair said. He tried to hug me but I pushed him off. "What was that for?" He asked. "Which one of you fuckers hit my dog?" I yelled. "Oh that was Jonah." He said. "Then tell Jonah to get in here now!" I yelled. "Jonah!" He yelled. The boy walked in he looked at me and saw I was pissed wait scratch that I was beyond pissed. "What's wrong with her?" He asked. Before they could answer I walked over and slamed him against the wall. "Why the fuck did you hit my baby!" I yelled. "What baby?" Jonah asked. "Her dog." Noodle head said.

"Ooh I hit him because he tired to bite me." Jonah said smriking. My eyes turned red. Jonah was scared. "Dude get her off of me her eyes just turned red." Jonah said. Karma knew what was happening he barked and I looked at him. I closed my eyes for a second and they went back to normal. I let go of Jonah and walked to Karma.

Another guy walked in the room there were five of them. "What happened I heard yelling?" The guy with blonde hair said. "S-she got mad at Jonah for hitting Karma and she slammed him against the wall and yelled at him then Jonah said some stupid shit and her eyes went from blue and yellow-brown to red." The guy said.

"Jonah! Can you try not to get on her bad side we have to keep her safe." The one with blonde hair said. One of the boys walked towards me I grabbed Karma and backed up into the corner. "Don't be scared." He said. He sat on the bed Karma started growling. "What are you?" The one with curly hair said.
"I'm not telling you." I said. "Fine guess we have to find out the hard way." Jonah said. To be honest that line scared me. He walked toward me Karma started growling really loud. I saw Jonah pull out a gun and point it at Karma. My eyes went red.

"Dont you dare hurt him." I said. I was pissed he was going to try to kill my baby. I hugged I whispered something in his ear. I look up at Jonah. "You shoot my dog you have to shoot me." I said staring him dead in the eyes. "You really do love Karma huh?" The boy asked he was the one who pet my dog. I snapped my neck toward him. "Of course I love this dog. I took care of him when his mother abandoned him. I took care of Karma when no one else wanted to. Karma is MY dog. And if any of you fuckers touch him I will bite you and turn you." I said without thinking. Jonah walked closer "What are you?" He asked. "Tell me why you kidnapped me and I will tell u about me and what I am." I said.

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