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[ third person's pov ]

nobody noticed how, as jennie and jisoo laughed and joked around, the sadness in lisa's eyes deepened. 

she'd been anticipating all night to talk to jennie in school the next day, only to be greeted by this current situation.

lisa wished it was her, to be able to laugh and talk with jennie, to be able to make her smile, to be able to just so much be with the girl. 

but lisa noticed the look of jealousy plastered across so evidently on chaeyoung's face as she stared intently at the two in front of her.

she chuckled at her best friend's sullen face.

"yah are you jealous right now?" lisa grinned, hoping that would hide how she really felt at the moment, jealous, just like chaeyoung.

"shut up." chaeyoung sulked and looked away, eyes scanning through her worksheet to distract herself.

somehow lisa was able to understand and relate to every single action carried out by chaeyoung in this state of envy,

because she was doing the same thing.


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