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Ch.40 The reckless visit

I shifted to my side as I unwillingly woke up to a tapping sound.

I groggily sat up as I glance around tired, but my eye's shot back to the window as I caught a bright pink.

I swiftly got out of bed and to the window, frantically trying to unlock the window with success.

The moment she climbed in I hugged her.

"Lux! What are you doing here? How did you get here!? I'm so sorry I left you behind!" I whispered yelled as she hugged back.

"I came here to see you, I knocked out the cop before they could put me in the car. It's okay, I know you didn't mean too." She said pulling away and slapping me.

"Ow..." I mumbled as she huffed hugging me again.

"But that's for pushing me earlier and for making me think you were your friend okay?" She asked looking at me hopefully.

"If I would have known you were there and that he was a friend I would have never hurt you two...I'm sorry." She whimpered as I shook my head light patting her back.

"It's fine..." I said as there was a small silence.

"...Can I see him?" She asked as I looked at her confused.

"I want to make sure I didn't hurt him too badly...and apologize." She said as I smiled sadly.

Despite the torture she's obviously been through...she's still somewhat the same cinnamon roll she was before.

"...Okay, but we have to keep quiet. One more thing." I said as she looked at me willing to listen.

"Don't tell him." I said as she nodded understanding.

I quietly led her to PJ's hospital room which was across from mine in the hall, thinking of how he might react.

'Will he be mad? Scared? Over protective? Calm? With this guy there's no telling...' I thoughy mentally sighing to myself.

When Lux was in I silently closed the door behind me, walking next to the bed side where my little half sister stood.

She was examining him, and she seemed upset with her actions greatly. Lux wasn't exactly the one that took mistakes, bad actions, or guilt lightly; she's a sensitive soul. I can only imagine how hard it was for her to put up with people who were the exact opposite for who knows how long.

"...Do you like him brother?" She asked as I blushed lightly. was a bit of an understatement for me... But she's not exactly mentally adavanced when it comes to relationships. If anything she only knows the first stage of developing a crush...I have to put this in the most simplest, innocent way possible...

"...Yeah...I do like him, He means a lot to me really..." I said trying to be quiet just in case he was awake.

"...Auntie would be proud." She said smiling at me as I also smiled back with a nod.

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