The Introductory

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Jazmine Sullivan lived a pretty happy, normal life. She lived with her mother Pamela and her father Donell in Philadelphia PA. Jaz always had a passion for singing, but Jaz had not preformed in 3 years do to writers block. She has sang the same old songs over and over again. Her mother Pam asked her "Why dont you preform somewhere? You can make some money and the people love you"! Jaz was sceptical at first because she wasnt sure if the people would still love her the same as they did 3 years ago. One day, Jaz decided to do a concert at a small venue at "The Fillmore" in Maryland. Jazmine got on stage and the crowd loved her! When Jazmine got to her 5th song that she was preforming that night (Masterpiece), She was nearing the end of the song, "Im a work of arrrrt, Im a ma- " A man screamed "YOU'RE A VOCALIST"! Jazmine turned to look at him, when she looked, her eyes lit up. Jazmine saw a tall, sexy, chocolate man in the distance. His hair was cut, Nice shape up, he was dressed up, he was the sexiest man that Jazmine had ever seen! Jazmine had to keep preforming so she continued, "Im a masterpiece". The crowd cheered with joy and excitement. For the rest of the show Jazmine preformed, but she kept the "mystery mans" face in her memory.

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