My Girl's A Tsundere

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Pairings: Chat Noir x Reader

Disclaimer!! This is from a song named, "It's Not Like I Like You" by Static-P and Amree! I slightly altered the lyrics to make a point in the story! I don't own Miraculous Ladybug, I don't own the song, and most importantly, I do not own you!! You own Chat tho ;)

If you're not familiar with the word, "Tsundere", there's a thing called Google, my friends :)


It started off as childhood friends, that soon turned into superheroes, then transformed into knowing each other's identities.

You and Adrien Agreste were best friends, although almost all of Paris were confused as to why you two were together at all. They don't find your attitude charming, and they think you were annoying.

Though, there's him, who was with you all day and didn't mind all the loud yells coming from you.

He even fell in love with you.

It was strange, really. Well, for some people's perspective. I mean, the Adrien Agreste falling for someone this annoying and selfish? How?

There was this other not-so-strange thing.

You fell in love with him as well.

But it's a good thing he's dense enough not to notice your certain feelings towards him. So that's why, you hurt him verbally, emotionally, physically... just to hide it from him.

You're basically a Tsundere.

On a summer afternoon where you're walking on the streets, holding a piece of envelope. You hear something, someone to be precise. You quickly hide the paper in your pocket. You paid the noise no heed. You actually know who it was anyway.

You begin to hum your favorite song much loudly, luckily the streets were empty. Maybe it's because of reasons. You whisper the lyrics to the song, with the familiar black cat leaning against the wall of the alley you're walking towards to.

"Hey, that's pretty good." Chat says, smirking.

You blush profoundly, looking at him with wide eyes. "Wha--?! What are you doing here?!" You continue to walk away.

You can feel him following you, singing. "I've got myself just a little bit of love that I wanna spend," he suddenly appears in front of you, startling you. Chat boops your nose. "on you, but baby I'll never get the chance to dance that romance!" He then grabs your hand and pulls you into his chest, looking into your eyes.

You harshly shove him away, your face showing a sign of redness and disgust.

Chat laughs, appearing in front of you again. "Cause you're always hitting,"

You smack him in the head.

"and kicking,"

Being a miraculous holder, you kick him his ankle that was sure to leave him a bruise.

"....and putting me down..ow..!"

You suddenly giggle, seeing his troubled state after you beat his ass.

Chat chuckles too, patting his bruised head. "I hope you don't mean what you say..."

You groan, leaving him behind.

"But I keep seeing you sticking around... like you can't get enough so I stay..."

You huffed, unaware that he's nearing you. You feel your hand holding by someone. "What are you doing?" You growl.

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