Chapter 11-"Take me to the Ice-cream shop"

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 "Take me to the Ice-cream shop"

I wish it was raining again. Droplets of the purest substance hitting the window glass, like music to the deranged.  The sun peaking out from underneath the misty clouds, ultraviolet rays hitting across the sky. A feeling of melancholy so deep, so inviting, settling in our hearts. It would give me good reason to be gloomy.

I was having one of those days. Believe me, no matter how many times I tried to divert myself from the situation, the more it striked against me with a vengeance.  The more I pushed the thoughts of coffee and ice-cream over a shouting match off, the bitter it got. Like kicking a punching bag, expressing excruciating force when I hit the clown’s nose and having it delivered twice as painfully, with twice as much force.

The sun beat down on me as harsh and fierce as possible, a natural contradiction to my thoughts. Not only was the light blinding, but it crashed my hopes completely. There was no way, no chance in hell that the sun would conceal itself and have the clouds win the battle and pour. Nature’s way of laughing in my face, assuring me that none could be done.

Yet, it saved me in a twisted sort of way. A storm could shatter the measly remains, with no proof, no clue to the battle. This was my storm. The crumbling of my resolve, my composer and a threat to the carefully protected barrier of trust I'd spent years and years building, buckets of sweat gone to work. The guard would be down now,all hard work in ruins, exposing my vulnerable self for the world to see.

A storm can’t be predicted, neither can it be prevailed. It lures you into its embrace, of chilling petals of water and wispy cold winds. Which could not be done. Surely, I can’t stop it from causing the damage it promised but I can out smart it. Preparing myself for its impact, the clutches that would bound me for god knows how long.

So, that was exactly what I was doing while I stared out the window of Adrian’s vintage Impala. Making up plans to escape the storm before it was too late and I was dragged along, carried by the wind. Meeting Amanda for ice-cream wasn't actually a red alert matter but it sure as hell felt like one. Funny how just one day can change my prospective on such a drastic level.  I’d gone from liking her to being suspicious of her. From friend to frenermy, if not the enemy. It was strange, the feeling that a few days ago, I was at the mall, helping her shop for whatever it was that she needed to grab before ‘all the rich snobs’ bought it before her.And here I was, desperately trying to avoid her.

Life was so screwed.

"What the heck are you doing Aid?" I heard Adrian ask me, puzzled.

But I wasn't answering anytime soon. I had business to take care of. Which included fresh air passing through my lungs. I put my hand on the handle and pulled it against myself one more time, before giving up and turning to the roll-down-window handle, circling it around while the glass slide down on a painfully slow slug like speed.

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