Chapter 6 ~ 25th of December 2006

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Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Just because of all the people, all the love, the lights, the snow, everything. It just... It fits.

Yesterday Demi invited me to come over to her place to celebrate Christmas with them. When I asked my brother if that was okay, he said he already was about to go to a friend of him with Christmas, so that was my reason to go to Demi.

Immediately when I saw Demis house, my jaw dropped. Their whole house was full of Christmas lights and it was so beautiful. With a smile on my face I rang the bell. Madison opened. 'Come in.' She said. 'Thankyou.' I said and walked inside. It smelled delicious and it was warm inside. I walked behind Madison inside the room. As soon as Demi saw me she ran up to me and gave a hug. 'I'm glad you could make it!' She said and sat down while pointing at the chair next to her. I sat down on that chair. 'My brother went to a friend, so I could go to you.' I said. 'What did you think of the lights outside?' Demi asked. 'Omg, it looks amazing. I wish my parents did that with Christmas.' I said. Demi laughed. 'My mom worked on it for like five hours.' She said. Her mom laughed.

Demi stood up and walked towards the door. 'Where are you going?' Her mom asked. 'Oh, I have to put on different clothes. I don't want my new ones to be ruined already.' Demi said and she walked upstairs.

A few moments later I heard a bang. It came from upstairs. I looked around if anybody noticed, but it seems like nobody did. 'Um, may I go to Demi?' I asked. Dianna nodded. I stood up and walked upstairs. When I walked inside Demis room I saw a lot of clothes on the ground, but not Demi. Her phone was on the ground as well. I saw a text message. I know it's bad to read someone else's texts, but I absolutely don't regret that I did it this time. I grabbed Demis phone from the ground and read the message.

Your mom better not made too much food for your Christmas dinner. You'd become even more fat, pig.

With open mouth I stared at the text. I couldn't find who sent it, but it wouldn't be weird news if Kayla or Sarah sent it. I threw the phone on Demis bed and walked out of her room. When I wanted to walk downstairs again, I heard noises in the bathroom. It sounded like someone was crying. I looked inside and saw Demi on the ground, sitting against the bathtub. She was crying. 'I.. Umm... I saw the text..' I said carefully. 'Why me?' Demi whispered. 'Maybe they're jealous.' I said. Demi looked at me like: What did you just say? She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. 'Jealous of... That..?' She asked while pointing at herself in the mirror. I sighed. That wasn't the right thing to say. I thought about what would be the right thing, but I honestly couldn't come up with something. I walked towards Demi and layed my arm around her neck. 'I think it's better if you just.. Ignore it as much as possible.' I said. Demi turned around and stared at me. 'Shanon.. Once they'll know that I'm trying to ignore it, they'll go further. It'll become worse and worse.. School is going to be a complete nightmare. Even worse than it is now.' She said with tears in her eyes. I couldn't help but tear up as well. I gave her a hug. For a moment we stood there. 'Demi, how are you gonna live like this? How are you going to go to this school for three more years if you're being bullied? You're only in 7th grade..' I said. Demi sighed. 'I don't know..'

'Here.' I said. I handed out a glass of water to Demi. She took a sip and putted it down. 'You know what? It's Christmas. It's time to have fun and to forget about all the bad stuff that's happening.' I said and stood up. Demi stood up as well. 'You're right.' She said. She threw some water in her face. She also threw some in mine. 'Ooohhh, that wasn't smart. You're gonna regret this!' I said while laughing. I threw water on Demi and we ended up in a water fight in the bathroom.

Ofcourse I had to slip. Wow, that's new.

'You alright?' Demi asked while helping me to get up. 'Yeah.' I said. We laughed. Dianna screamed from down the stairs that the dinner was ready. While still laughing we walked downstairs.

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