Chapter 6 ~ 25th of December 2006

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As soon as we walked in my jaw dropped again. 'This looks incredible!' I said. 'Thankyou.' Dallas said proud of her own work. Everywhere you looked on the table, you could find food. With a smile I looked at Demi, but my smile faded away as soon as I saw Demis face. She looked like she felt sick. 'Um, give us two seconds..' I said and walked to the hallway with Demi. 'What are you doing?' She asked. I grabbed Demis hands and locked my eyes with hers. 'I know you don't want to eat, but please do it. It doesn't have to be much, but skipping every meal you see, can lead to big problems. You're not worth big problems.' I said quiet - to make sure the people in the dining room wouldn't hear me. Demi sighed and looked away. 'It'll make me even more fat..' She said. 'Do you really believe what Kayla and Sarah say to you?' I asked. 'Yeah, because it's the truth what-' 'No! You're not fat. You're beautiful the way you are and you need to know that. Please eat something. For me?' I sat down on my knees and begged. Demi laughed. 'Okayyy.. But not much.' She said. I gave her a hug and together we walked inside the dining room again. Demis mother asked Demi silently why we went to the hallway, but Demi said nothing. We prayed to God and after that we started eating. I looked at what Demi put on her plate. It was almost nothing. I signed that she had to put more on her plate. She sighed, but did what I wanted.

'Have you had a nice dinner?' Dallas asked when everyone was done. 'Yeah, it tasted amazing. You're an amazing cook!' I said. 'Thanks.' Dallas said. Demi walked to the door again. 'And what are you going to do this time?' Her mom asked. 'Ehh.. I'm just going to the toilet.' Demi said innocent. Her mom nodded and Demi went to the toilet. 'If you want you can wait in her room.' Her mom said. 'Okay.' I said and walked to the door. When I wanted to walk inside Demis room, I heard sounds coming out of the bathroom again. When I came closer I heard what it was. It sounded like someone was throwing up. Was it Demi..? I walked downstairs and went into the living room. Eddie and Dianna were in the kitchen, Dallas and Madison were in the living room. I went upstairs again. It was Demi. But why is she throwing up?

Then it became clearer and clearer. Demi was purging. I doubted if I had to help her, or stop her, or just ignore it and pretend I didn't notice it at all. I just didn't want her to be mad at me for any reason. I love Demi and I don't want to lose her...

I decided to go downstairs and hide in the toilet. For ten minutes I sat there. Then I heard the toilet flushing upstairs. That was the moment for me to go out of the toilet and go upstairs again. 'Hey, Shanon, I have a question.' Demi said when I walked inside her room. 'Sure, what's it?' 'I wanna hear you sing.' Demi said. I laughed. 'That's not a question.' 'Can you please sing for me?' Demi asked and begged, just like me, on her knees. 'Okay, okay, fine. What song?' I said. 'Something of Kelly Clarkson, maybe?' Demi said. I thought of a song by Kelly. 'Because Of You?' I suggested. Demi nodded with a big smile. 'Okay.. ehh..' I said. I started singing.

I lose my way,
And it's not too long before you point it out.
I cannot cry,
Because I know that's weakness in your eyes.

I'm forced to fake
A smile, a laugh everyday of my life.
My heart can't possibly break,
When it wasn't even whole to start with..

Suddenly I saw tears coming out of Demis eyes. I immediately stopped singing. 'What's wrong?' I asked. 'Was it that bad?' Demi shook her head. 'It's just..' She said. She didn't finish her sentence. She stood up and walked to the mirror. I also stood up and came standing next to her. 'The lyrics you were singing.. I just..' Demi sighed. 'Sometimes I just feel like it's about me.. Even though I know Kelly Clarkson sang that song because of her dad.. The lyrics in that part are just.. So accurate.. Especially the "I'm forced to fake a smile, a laugh everyday of my life" part.' She said. I felt tears coming up. 'The only people that make me smile and laugh for real is my family, Selena and... You.' Demi said while looking at me. 'Shanon, promise me one thing.. Don't ever leave me..' She had tears in her eyes. 'Demi, I don't wanna lose you. You're so nice, so sweet, so funny, so... You.. You're the best friend someone could ever wish for. And you're worth all the love. Ofcourse I'm never gonna leave you.' I said. Demi smiled through a bunch of tears. She gave me a hug. Suddenly I fell, but because Demi was holding me she fell as well. We layed on the ground. We looked at each other and started laughing. 'What happened here?' Dallas asked. 'Oh, we fell.' Demi said dry. 'Ah, okay. Did you two hurt anything?' Dallas asked. Demi and I shook our heads and Dallas went downstairs. 'So I just told you that I'm not gonna leave you, but I have to go home. It's already late and my brother and I are planning on going to our family tomorrow.' I said. Demis smile faded away and she sighed. 'I hate vacation..' She said. 'Why?' 'Because we can't see each other every day, like we can at school.' Now I sighed as well. She was right. Vacation would be way more fun if I got to see Demi every day. Suddenly an idea popped up in my head. 'Demi, you know I'm home alone with my brother, right?' I asked. 'Yeah, why?' 'Maybe, if we ask your parents, we can do a sleepover at my place?' Demis eyes got bigger. 'Omg, yeah! I'm gonna ask, be right back!' Demi said with a big smile. While Demi was asking if she could come with me, I called my brother. He said that it was fine, as long as we didn't bother him. A few minutes later Demi ran upstairs. She came inside with a bigger smile than before she left the room. 'May I guess what your mom's answer is?' I asked. Demi nodded. 'Her answer was yes.' I said. 'INDEED!' Demi screamed. I was so happy, this was gonna be the most fun night out of my entire vacation. I helped Demi to pack some stuff and together we walked downstairs. Demi kissed her mom goodbye and we walked outside. 'This is gonna be so much fun!' Demi said. 'Indeed, omg. This is gonna be the best night ever. And I already planned some pranks on my brother.' I said with a sneaky smile. 'Already looking forward to it.' Demi said. We laughed out loud.

This night is going to be so much fun!

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