I Hate You - Lewis Hamilton

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This book just hit 30k reads and 1k votes and I still can't believe this. Thank you so much for your support, you guys are amazing. I love you all with all my butt and heart ❤ (also head because my head is huge )❤ Thank you🙏

Enjoyed writing this one!🙈
hamiltonsprincess this one it's a bit for you, since we're craving more LH one shots ;)


"We need to talk!" Lewis read the message for the 100 time since he received it. His heart skipped a beat with fear and anxiety wondering why his girlfriend wanted to talk.

And to be honest it happens to everyone. You can't stay relaxed when someone says that to you. You basically start replying how many stupid things you've done, and how many time you've acted like a real twat. But Lewis was almost sure that he didn't do nothing wrong. Still, when the media is focusing on you, you need always to be extremely careful about anything you do. You can't trust no one. And that's one of the problems with YN. She hates the media, and she trusts no one. Coming to races is kinda complicated because she's working a lot. But still, why would she want to talk? And what about? They've been doing great in the last days, they spent a lot of time together, travelled to see both  families and friends. And It was fun, it was amazing, she is amazing and got to love her somehow. But maybe she isn't happy, or she's not satisfied because Lewis is always away. Yes they do talk everyday, they text, videochat,  Snapchat, WhatsApp (is that even a phrase😂😂😂 *we do whatsaap* haha No!?) But it's not being face to face. He actually misses her more because they can't touch, she can't hit him, she can't neither kiss, or hug him and tell how annoying he is.

"Lewis what do you think?" Bono asks when he realised that Lewis's mind was already on space. Lewis just shook his head sighing loud. "You're okay mate?"

"Sorry guys. I'm just a bit worried with a couple of things." He sighs. "Anyway, the car felt great, despite not having grip at all at the end." Bono nods writing down everything Lewis explained.

"You wanna talk?" Toto asks when everyone was leaving the room while Lewis was still there staring at the window. Lewis shook his head but then sighed.

"YN texted me this morning. And I'm a bit scared to be honest."

"What did she said?"

"We need to talk, one exclamation mark." Lewis sighed defeated.

Toto chuckled to himself because of Lewis precise description but then frowned again.

"Did you two had an argument or something?" Lewis shook his head. "Did you do anything stupid?" Again Lewis denies shaking his head.

"Everything was normal as it always was. We spent a lot of times together. We were absolutely okay with each other. But now this is a little bit weird."

Before Toto could say anything a female voice interrupted them both, basically helping Toto the most.

"Susie, hey." Lewis smiles at his boss's wife before kissing her cheek.

"Hey champ. Congratulations, that was a beautiful victory. Japan is yours now." She grins receiving a low chuckle from the British. "Are you two okay? Interrupted something?" She asks analysing the tense Lewis in front of her. Toto shakes his head then shrugging his shoulders.

"Lewis is worried. And to be honest I would be equally worried if it was with me." Toto sounded a bit worried.

"What happened?" Susie asks more concerned now.

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