Part 5

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I was about to call out for Alyssa again, when there was a knock at the door. Ugh what now? I opened the door to come face to face with a very angry looking Werewolf.

"Can I help you with something?", I asked faking innocence.

"Yeah stop messing with my pack," he growled pointing over his shoulder to where those punks from earlier were standing.

"Tell them to stop messing with my roommate!", I hissed.

"WELL your roommate is a slut and you can tell her to leave my pack alone and if she even thinks about mating with one of us, she'll be dead! I don't need any mutant fairy/wolf pups around my pack", he growled and snarled at me.

I snarled back,"Of course you wouldn't want to ruin your perfect pure breed pack of mutts."

"What did you say?", he growled uncontrollably.

"Okay, okay break it up", a voice said


I looked up to see Alyssa standing in the doorway. Okay I look for her everywhere, I called her name, and go crazy trying to find her and she finally comes out while I'm about to start a fight...Perfect timing Alyssa! Note the sarcasm.

"Alyssa?", I asked.

"Yaaaaa?", she answered. And then I exploded, but who would blame me.


"Err well uhh your highness I was sucked into one of my visions...See, when I have a powerful vision the means something big is going to happen, I get sucked into it so that I can hear and see and experience it like its really happening...I...sometimes I can pull out of the vision but that one was to strong,"she mumbled excusing off to me one by one.

I wasn't sure if I should believe her or not but for a minute I stopped and looked at my roommate her red hair had gone to a lighter color, she was pale, but the thing that stopped me was her eyes, they were red and her pupils were dialated.

"Okay, Okay I believe you," I sighed but as I looked to where Alyssa was once standing, I realized she was gone.

I was about to close the dorm door when I heard a soft but dangerous growl.

"Stay away from my pack, princess," Alan (the prince) growled.

"Okay but do me a favor and stay away from me!", with those final words I slammed the door in his face.

Quietly I walked down the hallway to my room, and took out my blue swimsuit, it was my favorite. It was kind of like tie-dye execpt for the fact that it looked a lot classier. It was covered in different shades of blue, and it had crystals and diamonds that were embroidered into the cloth. I quickly changed into it and made my way towards the pool.

Once I was in the water, I knew I could relax. As a fairy princess, I had the powers to control any element, meaning that when I was close to any of those elements, it was immediate bliss. I always loved to be near water, my father believes that water is MY element, he thinks its the element that is strongest inside me.

To control an element it has to live inside you and you have to be pure. The day I was born, I nearly drowned in a lake because my mother 'accidently' dropped me. I swallowed so much water that it began to live inside me, giving me the power to control it. When I was four I was playing chef in the castle kitchen and I accidentally turned on the stove while my had was in there, I was burnt so badly that the fire slipped into my veins, and soon I was able to control fire. The way I learned how to control air was the most ironic of all. My little sister Crystal, got the looks but she was jealous that I got the powers, so one day she came to me when I was ten and she was eight she asked me if I could help her with her balloon because the air wouldn't come out.

Weird right? As soon as I put my lips to the balloon, all the air in the balloon rushed into me nearly suffocating me, but so much air was forced into my lungs that now years later I can still feel the burn in my lungs and thats how I began to control air. Why would my sister risk nearly killing me, do you ask? It is known all over the magical world of ours that sometimes when someone who can control an element is close to death, their element will leave them so that it can live on. But instead of me losing any of my elements, another was added on.

When I was twelve I had gone out into the woods on my own not caring what happened to me, it was the year that I was told of my destiny, I would fight for my honor, die because of love, and once again be reborn, just thinking about it sent shivers up my spine. I had gone out to the woods and gotten lost. I was hiding by the largest tree in the woods when a pack of wolves found me, I guess it wouldn't surprise you if I told you that they bit me. They knew who I was and they wanted to kidnap me, but I fought back and eventually they got so sick of it that they just bit me, but when they did something weird happened. I remember being lifted off the ground by an unknown force as leaves began to snake me and tree began to sway in the wind. I had woken up the next morning to find the wolves gone and a slow humming sound in my heart, with that I knew that I could control earth.

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