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Marrianna's snake-like body slithered through the air, faster than a breath. She had promised she would be there. She couldn't be late.

She spiraled around an arch, ducked an opening, and landed smoothly on the glass floor.

Ajaia already sat waiting, lightning body flickering.

"Am I l-" Marrianna started, but Ajaia shushed her, and turned her eyes upward.


Marrianna did. And what she saw still stole her breath, though she'd stolen glances upward all the way here.

Metal-gray was waving, drifting closer to the wheat-gold cut of sky, until the very edges of the two began mixing.

"The sky is moving," Marrianna whispered in awe, fear and excitement warring within her.

"And look over there," was her sister's answer.

Marrianna turned east to look at where the sky faded from pink to red. A hiss trickled through her fangs: her version of a gasp. The eastern sky was lit up, almost glowing a bright, intense red.

"What does it mean?" she asked breathlessly.

Ajaia turned to her. "Like you said, sis. The sky is changing."

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