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Rosalies fathers house ☝🏼
We arrived at dads house around 8:55,   I parked the car in my usual place as always no one dared to take it except for dad of course.
We got out of the car I took linas and dads cakes with me and hurried up the stairs and to the back door leaving blue and my friends entering from the front,
I just wanted some time to spend with my baby sister who I obviously knew wasn't going to attend this party because it was kind of a business party .

I entered and headed straight to linas room I opened the door to see dad sitting on linas bed while she was reading something to him ...

"Can I listen too? " I asked walking in

"Rosieee !!!" Lina jumped and came to me running and I picked her up laughing " hey angel " I said kissing her forehead slowly then turning to face dad and saw him staring at me ..

" what? "
"You just look so beautiful Rosalie " dad replied with a warm smile " just like your mother "
Coming up to me he placed a hand on me cheek and I leaned in
" ok daddy stop your going to make her cry , then her makeup will be ruined " Lina said taking dads hand of my face and we all laughed ... I put Lina down and grabbed the cake boxes from the ground and handed one to each
"Sooo as promised I brought the cakes you ordered " I grind widely at both of them as the took the boxes away
Dad opened it immediately and took the first bite then said to Lina mouthful
" you young lady should sleep it already past you bedtime so this cake is for tomorrow "
Lina frowned giving me back the box she headed to her bed then stuck out a tongue to dad making him laugh and bend forward so he can look at her more clearly.
" I promise little one this will be the first thing you taste in the morning but now rest "
"Okay daddy " she whispered then fell asleep .

We walked out slowly so she won't get up ,
"Rosalie baby " dad said
"Hm "
" So I only told you that this is a business party but ..."
I cut him by saying " there is someone very important coming I know I know "

"Its not just that this person is the leader of the only mafia that is as strong as mine and he just inherited his position because his father died 3 months ago " dad took a deep breath then continued " he is here so he can be our partner and I just want this to go well "

" don't worry daddy it's gonna be just fine I'll be with you till the end "

" I can't wait for you to become 19  so you can take over I you'll be amazing Cupcake " he pulled me to a hug
and I warped my arms around his waist and giggled .

We arrived to the hall where everyone was and went straight to my friends 
" I'm so excited I hope some hottie asks to me dance with him " zoey said looking around then continued " you know after the main dance that is going to be after just 5 minutes "

Me and blue obviously had to dance so I just pulled her with me to the dance floor
" you okay? " I asked

" yeah " she replied with a huge grin which made me smirk and I let her go to take her place , the I took mine and looked the other side we are nit supposed to see who our partner was until the music started and we have to twirl and see and with each twirl the partner had to change.

I was kinda nervous but I shook that feeling off and stood straight and then the music played and I twirled to see a man as old as my father with black moustache and glasses

I hate this stupid dance my inner self said

I turned back again and this time it was dad we danced and laughed then it was time to change partners again
So I turned then twirled again and met the most beautiful silver eyes I've ever seen my eyes moved to se that he wore a black suite that hugged his muscles like second skin and with only little skin showing The were covered with tattoos his neck , hands and one got my attention it was the lotus that covered his throat it was beautiful .

We danced and he said " so may I know the name of the beautiful girl I'm dancing with " "No "Ooohhh playing hard to get huh RosieeMy inner self said " why " he said eyes getting darker " because I don't want to , besides I don't even know you " I ...

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We danced and he said " so may I know the name of the beautiful girl I'm dancing with "
"No "
Ooohhh playing hard to get huh Rosiee
My inner self said
" why " he said eyes getting darker
" because I don't want to , besides I don't even know you " I replied

I turned so the partner can change but when I twirled back it was him again .
" shouldn't we be changing ? " I asked coming closer to him and he slid his and warped them on my waist .

"But I'm not finished with you "

" huh"

" I said -"

"I know what you said idiot " I whispered to him as the music kept playing and people changed partners but we stayed the same

" your braking the rules of the dance you know "

" I don't care " he said so close that we shared the same breath " I want to know your name " he demanded and the dance was finally over so I pushed him as a voice from behind called me
" Rosalie I see you found our guest of honour " I turned and it was dad walking up to us with blue on his right .

Dad shook the guys hand and said
"Ezra Lincoln "
"Killian Queen " Ezra responded

I looked at both of them in confusion then realised
He's the guy daddy talked the only one as strong as him
I looked up and was surprised that Ezras eyes never left mine .

Wow .


Hope you liked the chapter !! 🖤

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