Midnight pack. Or not.

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"It's the Midnight pack." Damien replied. "Okies I'm gonna pack now." I walked out the door but before I left, I popped my head back round the door and said, "Also, turn that frown upsidown."

*The next morning*

"I CALL SHOTGUN!" Amy shouted, pointing at my baby. My Aston Martin db11 volante (convertible). When I first laid my eyes on this beauty, they jumped out of their sockets and I just had to have it. Even Stripe liked it and she isn't a big fan of cars that make loud noises. Sadly I saw it one year before the release date. However with a bit of my amazing haggling skills (and a lot of extra money) I didn't let that stop me. There is still half a year till it's released though.

I dumped my bag into the back of my Aston and jumped into the driver's seat. Amy got into the passenger's seat and I purred back to the low noise of the engine. And with that, we were off.

After a three hour drive, we reached the neighbouring pack house. Parking up, I got out of the car and studied the wooden mansion in front of me. It was in the middle of nowhere like every other pack house, and it was a long building with two floors unlike our four floored pack house. The inside the house looked like a cosy log cabin with an open fire and a homely, welcoming feel.

Four men and one woman walked towards us. I guess they're the alpha, luna, beta, third in comand and pack warrior. We all shook hands and presented forced smiles then I zoned out as the Alphas started discussing some boring stuff. Finally we were shown our rooms. I threw my suitcase to the side of my room and got dressed into my cupcake PJs. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light.

The next morning, I woke up early,
unpacked and got changed into a white top and black skinny jeans. I need to eat. So I jumped down the stairs with a big smile on my face and I got out the ingredients to make pancakes.

Just as I finished making my amazing masterpiece and sat down to eat, a tired looking alpha came stomping down the stairs. I laughed at the birdsnest on top of his head. "Excuse me sir but this house is made for humans and wolves not elephants." I snorted as he just sent me a death glare and mumbled, "Good morning to you too."

You're mean.

Damien, why are you talking to me in mind link!? You are about two meters away from me.

I can't be bothered to move my mouth.

Before I could reply, Damien's phone rang and he answered it. His expression turned from playful to hard, then pity. He sighed and put the phone down and said, "Pack your bags." I furrowed my eyebroes in confusion and asked, "Why?"
"We have to go help another pack that has just been attacked my rouges."
"Which pack?" I asked. Damien just stood there, not blinking as he stared at me for several seconds, before she walked off without a word. Because all my friends are completely normal. As I walked up the stairs, I couldn't help but notice that my pack was giving me looks of guilt and pity. Did they know somthing that I didn't?

It's now sunset and Damien said we will arrive at the pack in the middle of the day tomorrow. I was alone in my car this trip because Amy wanted to calm down her brother. Why he is annoyed, I'll never know. All the cars left and I followed after wondering where we are going.

Where do you think they are going? This chapter was not very interesting (like always). Hope you like It!

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