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Amara Rose
"wowo wye yu mad at rose
(Why are mad at me /rose)" I asked wowo as I held his legs. Wowo was sooooo tall while I was very short. But wowo said he loves me and my everything.
"I am mad at you cause you talked with that bastard Jamey. Rose doesn't love me anymore. "In instant I could fell my eyes fill up with tears and my lips wobble "(sobbing)rose loves *hiccup wuwu very much *hiccup rose just want to make friends " I said while trying to wipe my tears from my face. In instant wowo lifted me up in his arms and patted my back trying to make me stop crying. "Don't cry my rose I love u a lot too. And u don't need to befriend that bastard Jamey . Zee can be your friend I am your friend . Come-on now stop crying and give me that adorable smile of yours" I giggled as wowo started tickling me then he kissed my cheeks and said " I love my rose and when you grow up I will make u my wife "
Achilles Vyacheslav
I punched that fučkfaced Jamey as hard as I could. He had guts to try and talk to my baby my rose. I could feel zinoviy trying to pry me off the bastard after landing one more strong punch I let zinoviy pry me off the bastard. " Don't you ever come near Amara again I will kill you next time "
There once lived a boy. An extraordinarily strong boy . A boy with a scar .He had immense strength and was very strong and brave. But all he felt was  anger rage betrayal lonely and broken hearted .
After the betrayal the boy suffered he had given up hope he became aggressive and violent . At tender age of nine he was the murderer of 10 people which includes his father. The only person he considered near to him was his brother who had a record of killing 15 people at age of 11 . His days would be spend in the rusty gym with his brother training harder than ever while at night he became the monster with a scar in the illegal fighting ring earning the title of the youngest and the most dangerous fighter there.
He never thought that in this violence blood and anger he will find his rose .His Obsession. His love. His passion .His 4 year old smiling Amara.
This is a tale about Achilles and Amara.


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