= Chapter 51 =

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" At that moment, I realized you aren't just my world...you are my entire universe."

-Jeremy Lockhart

"I heard you two lovebirds had a connection yesterday night eh?" Kai wiggled his eyebrows mischievously at me.

Before I could answer, Jeremy cut in as he strolled down the flight of stairs with his wet messy blonde hair. I began to notice how good he actually looked both before and after a shower. Why was I noticing his features so much more in detail?

"Definitely." He wore a proud smirk, keeping his eyes on me. I couldn't hide the blush that crept up my cheeks, hence I rested them sheepishly on my palms.

Mateo left for school which gave us the chance to further discuss what we planned to do.

"We can begin searching for Savannah's address in the town's main office or–" I was rudely interrupted by none other than Gabriel.

"Or...you and Jeremy could go out together, you know...get to know each other better. Leave the underground work to Kai and I." Gabriel suggested before shoving me towards Jeremy's chest. Catching me in his arms, he lifted my chin upwards with his finger.

"What'd you think? Care to go on a date with me?" The words rolled off his tongue so sweetly, and with hopeful eyes he asked.

I was at the loss of words, I wanted to scream 'yes' a million times but my tongue was tied, still questioning whether what I heard was true. Nodding with a smile which stretched across my cheeks, I realized it was first time in long that I expressed my emotions.

"Skylar, you've just made me the most happiest man on earth." He announced, before intwining our fingers.


I decided to let her choose the location of our date since she insisted. I loved the way her forest green eyes lit up whenever she spoke about something she was passionate about, it is a beautiful image I fall asleep with every night.

"There's this new vintage café in a remote part of the town which I've been going often to. " she pulled me by the hand.

"Why do you go there often?" I questioned out of pure curiosity.

"It's not like normal cafés, it allows anyone perform a song or anything entertaining. I, sometimes, go there to play my songs for the crowd." She kept her head low, I noticed how she has been blushing more frequently around me.

I liked the thought of having an effect on her, maybe it was the slight possessiveness I've grown to have— I couldn't quite figure.

The cafe was ahead of us and it was called 'Houndstooth Cafe'.

"I have this weird fetish though" she muttered as we pushed the doors open, the aroma of coffee beans assailed my senses causing my stiff body to relax.

Taking a seat at one of the corners of the cafe, the atmosphere was laid-back and I absolute missed that feeling.

"Oh come on Sky, you can trust me." I teased, leaning forward as she played with the hem of her sweater.

"...when I'm feeling a very strong emotion, which doesn't happen often, I like to go to cafés but I don't just go to any. I go to the nearest cafe that has the same beginning alphabet as the emotion I'm feeling." She casted me a cute smile, her fingers clasped together. Her words made my heart swell with happiness and pride –she was so different, gorgeous and the best part was that she was

all mine and I was all hers.

"So I'm guessing you're feeling happy since the starting alphabet of this cafe is h." I smiled in amusement.

"I could feel a strong emotion of hate too!" She slapped my arm playfully but not before I leaned in for a quick peck on her lips, the ones that left me like a lovesick puppy.

The waiter came to our tiny circular table with a notepad in his hand. "Hey Sky! Back again!" The waiter whom seemed around our age focused all his attention on Skylar, I wasn't surprised.

"Of course Flynn, back for my favorite ice mocha frappé!" Skylar spoke casually, I could tell that she noticed me tensing up.

"Babe, what do you feel like having?" She said it like that word was second nature. Flynn snapped his eyes at me, at that moment, I remembered that he went to our school. He used to date Willow but after their break up, he began to hate our entire gang, especially Tristen. But that would be a story for another time.

"Jeremy, long time no see eh? So you guys together?"

"Do you need me to kiss her to prove that? No offence, but I would like to order my Ice Green Tea Frappe instead of telling you about my private life." I gave him the most genuine smile, never expecting how straight forward I could possibly be.

Flynn tucked his bottom lip in his mouth, controlling his anger. He nodded submissively before leaving.

"Someone's mean today." Skylar ruffled my hair with a sly smile.

"Don't worry, I'm all yours." She tapped my nose, which caused me to scrunch it up.

"Hell, you better be."  I couldn't cover the smile that laced upon my lips. Once our drinks were served, I didn't hesitate and gulped a whole straw full.

"So when was the first time you fell for me?" Her question broke my concentration on the drink.

"Well...it would be the first time you smiled at me, I remembered it was when you kneed my family jewels in the music room. Damn, that left me bruised!" I chuckled at the thought of that memory.

"Really?!" She slammed her palm on the table, bursting out in laughter.

"I didn't want to fall in love at first, not at all. But at that some moment you smiled, and, holy shit, I blew it!" I ran my fingers through my hair, her eyes twinkled in jubilance.

Laughing softly to myself, my eyes drifted to the window right beside us, so did Skylar.

"Jeremy? Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" She placed both her palms against the glass, her jaw dropped.

"No fu*king way!"

How was it possible? Black leather jacket, bandana on his forehead, he was walking towards familiar motorbike right before our eyes.

"Please tell me that that isn't Dante." She shook her head, I bet she wished that this would just be an illusion.

"Nope it him, Dante Valentino is right before us. " I declared before grabbing her wrist, I wasn't going to let him escape.

We were going to have to follow him...

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