May 2, 2014 - To Mom, With Love

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She read to you every night before bedtime. Rain or shine, she took you to the library when you were bored, or heartbroken, or just needed a little escape. You were such a wild child she rarely got the chance to curl up quietly with a book and a warm cup of coffee.

This Mother’s Day, Wattpad is hosting a reading list contest to celebrate all the moms out there who inspired a love of reading. Is your mom she a total romantic, who can’t get enough sappy love stories? Is she an adrenaline junkie, with a passion for action and kick-ass female protagonists? You know her best, so we’re inviting you to create some perfectly-tailored recommendations for her.

How To Enter:

To participate, create a reading list on your profile and call it Stories4Mom. Post a link to your reading list in the comments, or submit your entry through Twitter (tag your submission with @wattpad, #stories4mom, and #mothersday). The deadline for submissions is 6pm on Friday, May 9th.

On Mother’s Day, we’ll announce our favorite lists and share them with the community.

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