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Too many people, unfamiliar faces, bodies. Occupying one, small space. Feeling myself begin to panic, I immediately started playing with my hair, searching for a way to escape. A way to find the boys.

I'm so stupid. I'm nearly sixteen and I can't even go to the bathroom by myself without getting lost in a mall. Without freaking out over a crowd.

Nervously biting my lip, I dropped my hands to my sides, using my arms to hide my body as I walked through the crowd. There was a directory just feet away, but with the feeling of eyes burning into the back of my head I was certain I'd faint before I even reached it.

My legs shook and threaten to give out at any second, but I persisted, and finally reached the directory. I was so distracted that locating the food court, which was the most obvious spot on the map since it was in bold letters, took a few minutes, and once I found it O wasted another few minutes debating if I had the willpower to go or not. Standing off to the side, where less people noticed me, felt safer than walking through the crowd.

Quickly spinning around, I let out a breath as I forced myself to go. Suddenly a body collided with mine, knocking both my phone and their phone down to the floor. I let out a squeal of surprise when a cold liquid splattered all over me, soaking through my shirt and shorts, running down over my bare legs. The impact had nearly knocked me over completely, but luckily the stranger had reached out and grabbed my arm before I could teeter over.

"Shït," the boy standing in front of me swore, stressfully running a hand through his brown hair. "I'm so sorry. I wasn't even paying attention."

We both squatted down at the same time, scurrying for our phones. Except, he grabbed my phone for me and kindly handed it back. Once we were both stood up, I could see his face again, and he was gorgeous.

"I-It's okay. I wasn't paying attention either," I clamored, feeling embarrassed that this had happened to me in front of such an attractive guy. Grabbing my shirt, I pulled it away from my body to unstick the fabric from my skin.

"I feel terrible," the boy gushed, noticing my gesture. "It's just water but still..."

"It's okay," I nervously laughed, now unbothered since it wouldn't stain.

The boy anxiously ran his hand through his hair again, looking around. "I came over to see if you needed help, since you looked a little lost."

I felt myself blush since he had noticed.

"Um yeah... I was trying to find the food court," I awkwardly replied.

"I'll walk with you," he said, offering me a bright smile.

I didn't argue, and I followed him, despite my mind telling me I'd be fine on my own.

"Your accent is American," he pointed out. "Are you visiting?"

"I just moved here last week," I explained. "I'm from California, though."

"Nice," he nodded. "I'm jealous."

"Why?" I laughed.

"I've never left Australia," he said simply, his tone almost disappointed by the fact he had never left the country.

We reached the food court a few minutes later, where the boy led me over to Starbucks, grabbing more napkins for me.

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