October 18, 2017 - Help us shape a world where everyone can create and belong

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Hi everyone!

Since 2007, we've grown our incredible community to 60 million monthly users across the world who read the 400+ million story uploads by our 2.4 million writers. Over the years, we've received many requests from our community for a subscription-based version of Wattpad that supports our work in building a world where anyone can create and everyone can belong. Which is why today we are excited to announce the launch of Wattpad Premium.

When you subscribe to Wattpad Premium, you'll gain instant access to a fresh, premium look for Wattpad while unlocking our ad-free experience everywhere on every device.

Although we are pleased to be able to offer Wattpad Premium, there will always be a free version of Wattpad. It is important to us that all writers have a platform to express themselves and all readers are able to find a story they love regardless of their ability to pay for a subscription.

Want to get more information? Check out the details on Wattpad Premium or to read common questions and answers or hop over to our Help Centre for updated information and to contact us.

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