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I was sat there. In front of the door, with tears falling down my face. Regret everything...
Why did I have to vow that I'd be with Bee? Why did I have to hurt Shelby? Why didn't I stop her from closing the door? I could've stopped her, I could've explained what happened... But now she doesn't want to see me for a long time... How long could that be? Forever? Are we broken up? Are we on a break? I don't want either of those things! I want to be with Shelby! She's the only girl I'll ever want to be with. She's the only one I love. She's the only girl I planned to spend the rest of my life with. And look at what I did to myself. If I had ended it sooner, this wouldn't be happening. If I didn't have feelings for Bee so long ago, this wouldn't be happening. I hate this!
I'm so stupid! Ugh!
Tears continued to fall. I was grasping the ring in my hand. Thinking of when Shelby gave it back to me...

I was beginning to feel a little sick from all the dancing... I guess my food couldn't handle all my amazing dance moves. So, H decided to get me back home for my curfew... Like I have a curfew! Psh, I'm gonna stay up till I can no longer keep my eyes open. The rest of the people at the restaurant decided to stay a little longer, since Bee was still there.
As H and I walked down the hallway, we could see someone sat in front of Will and Shelby's door... When we got a bit closer, we started to recognize who the person was. It was Will! We ran over to him.
"Will, are you okay?!" We asked in unison
"No..." He raised his hand, showing us something in his palm. It was the engagement ring...
"Oh no..." H said sadly. I was trying my hardest to fight back the tears
"Come on, Will. We're all going back to my apartment, and we're gonna talk about this!" I was angry.
"No... Graser, I have to be here when she comes around..." Will says with tears filling his eyes
"Will, she needs some space, right now." H said calmly
"H, grab an arm. We're going back to my apartment and Will is going to explain."
We drag Will to my apartment, along with his suitcase, and we lightly drop him on the couch.
"So. What happened?" I asked, prepared to listen to every word.
"We'd have to go way back in time for you to actually understand..." Said Will
"We have time." We really did have a bunch of time. Shelby is definitely asleep, and too mad or sad to bring Will back into her life. What could have happened, that's so bad? What happened to the point where she needed to give him back the ring?
"Don't remind him that we have all this time!" H smacked my arm
"Ow! Sorry... Anyways, go on, Will." I rub my arm
"Well, remember when I was going through that terrible breakup?" H and I nodded our heads.
"While I was depressed, Bee came along. And she was there for me till I got a little better... Eventually, we made a vow. That when I was fully recovered, and when she came back to YouTube, that we'd be together. Later... I joined Harmony Hollow, and I met Shelby. Shelby made me forget about the vow. She was all I focused on... Every time I heard her voice, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Asking her to by mine, changed my life completely! But then... Bee came back. She heard about the whole engagement thing, and when I was heading to the bathroom, she had followed me. We talked and... And..."
"And what?" I asked
"We... Kissed. I mean! She kissed me! I... Ugh!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing...
"And I guess Shelby saw, and left... When I got to the apartment she told me that she hopes that I'm happy with Bee... And she told me the she regretted everything. All I could feel when she said those things, were my heart strings ripping apart. She gave me my suitcase... Said that there was nothing to fix, and that I should have told her that I wanted to be with Bee sooner... and she gave me the ring." Will's eyes were full of tears. He wasn't even able to speak after he said that she gave him the ring.
H and I were crying too. We pulled Will into a hug. I could feel him weakly hug back.
I've never seen Will this weak. It hurts seeing someone you're so close to, be in this much pain. We have to fix things...

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