Depressing Thoughts

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~This chapter is gonna be based on Shelby. No characters will be involved ~⚠️Also, if you're squeamish, there will be emojis notifying you about the paragraph of self-harm. Please do not attempt self-harm. You have been warned⚠️

It hurt to give the ring back to Will. It hurt to give him his suitcase. It hurt to say that I didn't want to see him for a long time. It hurt to shut the door on him... Everything just hurts!
I thought I found the one... I thought Will would never hurt me like this. I didn't think I'd ever be cheated on... And out of all the people to cheat on me, it was Will! I feel so stupid! I trusted him! I loved him with all my heart! And in return, I get this!
Hot tears began to fall down my face.
He decided to cheat on me with Bee... The person who I kindly accepted. The person who I didn't think I'd ever have a problem with. I should've known. I should've expected something like this to happen. I shouldn't have said yes... I shouldn't have fallen in love... Why... Why did I believe in true love? Keyword "did".
Sadness. Anger. Regret. Depression. Disappointment. Hatred. All the negativity began to revolve around me, only concluding in more pain. I wanted to get rid of this pain, and I knew how. I would regret this... But I'm already regretting everything else.
I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a small knife, and began walking into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I opened the cabinet, searching for an unused shaver. I found one. I began unscrewing the blades with my knife. I sat on the cover of the toilet, staring at a weapon in my hand. A sharp blade that people used to slit their wrists to get rid of the pain. I stared at my wrist, as my heart rate increased. Heated tears fell to the floor.
⚠️Love really is painful... And it's not worth any of my strength. I took the blade, and slit my wrist once. I couldn't feel anything. All I could see were droplets of blood. It shows how much I really was hurting. I began to slit again, and again, and again... And again. My arm was red, and covered in blood. My blood began to spill onto the floor tiles. I stared at what I did, and didn't regret it as much as all the things I was already regretting. I walked slowly towards the sink, and began rinsing the blood. The red water combined with the emotionless tears running down my face. I washed the blade, and soon began to wrap my arm in bandages from my first aid kit. Once that was over, I began to clean up the slightly, blood-stained floor.⚠️
I shut the bathroom door behind me, as I headed towards my room. I faced all the all the framed pictures of Will and I down, and dropped onto my bed. Exhaustion slowly began to take me away. As time went by, I didn't even notice the fact that I had already fallen asleep.

Sorry for the depressing chapter!
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