Old Habits Part 5.

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Y/d/n:"Y/n-Oh sorry did I interrupt something?"He asked as he walked out making us both shake our heads.

Kendall:"No we were just talking"She said giving him a small smile.

Y/d/n:"Well I just wanted to look for you cause its getting late and the ball is over"He said naming us both nod.

Y/n:"Okay thanks dad"I said making him nod and walk back inside. I looked over the balcony and saw people leaving making me sigh and look at Kendall to see her looking at me"We should get going"I said making her give me a nod and walk inside.

I trailed behind her and watched her as she hugged my jacket around her figure indictaing she was feeling cold. I picked up the pace and walked in front of her and took my jacket from her and held it out for her to slip it on properly. She put it on properly and looked at me biting her lip. She was about to speck up when I heard her sisters calling for her. I saw Kim with the others following.

Kim:"Hey Y/n have you seen-"She was cut off by me moving"Oh there you are..."She said relieved.

Bella:"We were looking for you everywhere"She said. They looked at us for a moment studying us making me clear my throat.

Kendall:"We should get going..its late and I'm tired"She said walking off to her sisters making them look at her weirdly but nod. The guys waited for them to walk off and then looked at me.

Tyga:"Okay, what happened there?"He asked making me walk and them follow.

Y/n:"We were dancing and I just got lost in her. Its impossible for me not to but as much as I want her I know I can't...she's with Rakim-"

Tyler:"So? You two are clearly still in love with each other and I'm pretty sure anyone with eyes can see that"He said making me sigh.

Y/n:"We almost kissed"I said still walking. I kept on walking till I noticed that they weren't walking with me. I stopped and turned around to see them all looking at me with 'what the actual fuck' faces"Guys?"I said making them snap out of it and walk towards me.

Abel:"Sorry we were just a little shocked that you almost KISSED YOUR EX!"He said picking his voice up a little.

Zayn:"Yeah! What the hell?!"He said making me shrug.

Y/n:"I don't know..."I said making them shake their heads"It wouldn't be the first time though"I said making them all look at me shocked.

Tyler:"Care to elaborate"He said making me sigh and open the double doors walking outside.

Y/n:"We almost kissed a few times...this just adds to the list"I said making Zayn smack my head.

Zayn:"Why didn't you kiss her?!"He said making me rub my head and look at him like that's the most stupidest question ever.

Y/n:"Maybe cause shes in a relationship"I said making them frown"It doesn't matter guys...I just wanna go home and sleep"I said running my hands through my now short hair.

Abel:"You know you can't avoid your feelings forever right?"He said making me look at him as we walked towards the girls who I'm assuming already know the story.

Y/n:"I know but I can try"I said making them keep quite knowing I didn't want to discuss the matter any further. We walked towards the girls and saw them all conversing with each other.

Camila:"I thought you got lost"She said making me give her a small smile and shake my head.

Y/n:"I just needed some air"I said making her give me a look. I shrugged and looked forward seeing our cars pull up"So staying over at my place?"I said looking at everyone.

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