Old Habits Part 5.

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I excused myself from everyone and walked outside to get some fresh air cause lord knows I needed it. I put my hands on the balcony and let out a deep breathe. I told myself move on, there's plenty of fish in the seas but no...I just had to fall in love with her all over again. It wasn't something that was hard to do when it came to her. Kendall was definitely my Kryptonite and even though I wanted to escape I knew I couldn't escape her.

I looked up at the sky and it was a clear night, the stars were shinning as bright as ever complementing the moon perfectly. I thought about what Camila said and as much as I would love to get Kendall back in my life she was with Rakim and I'm pretty sure she loves him. I saw the way she looked at him and the sad thing was that she used to look at me the same way. Her eyes held a certain sparkle in them and it wasn't because of me. It was because of him and I hated it.

Its been months without her and in honesty It was hell. I know I went out and partied and slept with random girls but it was just to fill the void for a while and it didn't even fill the void at times...It was a hollow feeling. If you asked me two years ago what my future would be like, my answer would have been simple. It would have been with her. We would have been engaged. We could have been something.

I didn't plan on meeting my celebrity crush and having a relationship with her. I didn't plan on having a music career and being known around the world. I didn't plan on having this life. She was my light when I didn't have any and now its gone. She was good for me and everyone knew it...I took her back after all the shit she did to me when I knew I shouldn't have. I was like an addict on crack and when it came to her and no matter how bad she was...I still wanted her. I wanted her more then anything.

Kendall:"Y/n?"She said walking outside making me turn around and give her a small smile. 

Y/n:"Hey...what are you doing out here? Its freezing"I said taking out my jacket and putting it around her.

Kendall:"I just came to check on you cause you disappeared after the dance....so I got worried"She said looking at me making me sigh.

Y/n:"You should go inside Kendall...its cold and you can't get sick"I said trying to get her to go but she didn't budge.

Kendall:"I'll be fine"She said making me sigh and walk back to where I was standing with my back facing her. I felt small hands on my back making me tense up.

Y/n:"Kendall"I said making her move her hands up to my shoulder blades.

Kendall:"Whats wrong?"She asked making me close my eyes and keep quite"Y/n"She said putting her head on my shoulder.

Y/n:"Don't do that..."I said turning around to face her"Don't"I mumbled looking down at her.

Kendall:"Don't what?"She asked looking at me. I looked into those brown orbs and I knew I was going to give in to anything she wanted.

Y/n:"Don't touch me...not like that"I mumbled as her hands moved around my neck making me close my eyes.

Kendall:"Y/n"She said making me keep my eyes closed"Baby..."She said as she traced my jawline making me eyes open.

Y/n:"Don't call me that-"

Kendall:"I'll call you what I want to"She said moving closer to my face"Why do you have to make this so hard?"She asked making my hands go to her waist instinctively.

Y/n:"I guess because I'm stubborn"I said making her laugh a little. Our faces were inches away from each other once again and as I was about to lean in until the door opened making us pull away.

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